Are You Alive?

Posted by Prakash Rajpurohit
March 17, 2017

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You wake up. You start your day. You go to your work. You come back. You eat. You sleep.

So. Let me ask you one little thing. Are you alive?

Ask this to yourself. Got your answer.

Okay. So let me start.

What have given to yourself? You work your ass off so that you can stay happily. You pay a sum to stay happy.  You pay for the things that are materialistic that makes  you happy by working 9-5 or maybe the whole day. So, let me ask again what have you give to yourself? Nothing indeed.

How many friends do you have?

1,500? 2,000? Or just 1000?

No. No, I am not talking about your social networking friends who are just ‘VISIBLE’ to you.

How many friends have got you back among those 1,500?

This is my point. Not everyone would be there for you every time.

As its said “An open enemy is far better than a fake friend”

This couldn’t be said any better. You trust them with all what you have, they laugh with you, have fun with you, you spend a lot on them. No, not just money. Time, Your precious time, feelings, emotions. But get into trouble once and wait for them to help you. That time will reveal you the mask they wear. It will reveal you their face. The one beneath that mask.

“Choose less, but wisely”

So, let me get to the first part.

Are you alive?

Figured out yet?

For those who think its yes. Congratulations you were dead the day you thought this.

And those who think its no.

Fellas, change the routine right now. Do what you love. Let me ask you one thing more.

Think of any three thing you love to do rather than office work.


So now take a paper and a pen. ( don’t mind the colour)

Ink all the three things, priority wise.

Do it man!

Don’t wait for the time. Make the time yours.

You never know what the next morning may bring. So if you are in some trouble and life is dark to you, don’t worry “the dark knight”was followed by “the dark knight rises” J



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