Art Of Cooking Make You A Real Women. I Mean Really!

Posted by Rukhsar Siddiqui
March 1, 2017

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I don’t know how to cook. you have to help me in cooking after marriage.

Wait what??? I am a man and cooking is not my cup of tea. cooking is for women. don’t expect silly women things from me and if i have to cook then what is the point of marrying a woman.

I mean really! So ladies…

Be prepared for criticism if you’re a woman who can’t cook. Older women will school the younger ones on the importance of knowing how to cook for a man.

It makes no difference to me one way or the other what another woman does or doesn’t do in her kitchen. But I am curious as to if hetero normative gender roles will always be the norm. Will men always be expected to know how to change a tire, mow the grass, and fix a clogged sink? And will women always be expected to cook well- regularly, clean and do majority of the child rearing?

Here’s the thing: some of the traditions of our mothers and grandmothers have changed. Women’s “position” no longer consists of cooking three meals a day, doing laundry and cleaning every day. It’s ok if a woman doesn’t know how to cook.

Knowing how to cook does not make you any more of a woman. Women, please stop thinking you have to change who you are to appease a man. If you want to learn how to do something, by all means learn. But if you don’t, find somebody that is ok with you just the way you are. What a woman does or doesn’t cook for Sunday dinner doesn’t define her. What’s in her head and in heart is what does.

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