For Art’s Sake, Don’t Be So Ungrateful!

Posted by Nikita Prasad in Culture-Vulture
March 31, 2017

Being a creative writer and possessing an insurmountable amount of love for making art, I came across a tweet written by somebody and thank God! Thank God that somebody wrote it and that I read it, because after that, what followed was an overwhelming rush of vehement, thoughts and raging words within my mind and heart, which I poured right out in this article that follows. I do not intend to offend anybody’s opinions or disrespect any profession, but, I am here to defend the field that I belong to – the arts.

This was the tweet that I’d come across. God bless the person who wrote it.

Right. So if you think all art students do is smoking, partying, getting wasted, running on the streets for protests, doing other ‘lame shit’ according to you, then you’re so wrong that you must marry Satan.

Give me a chance to explain who artists really are. Artists see the world differently and through a different lens. Their vision is diverse and is often guided by their passion. They live for their art, their art saves them. So, if you can’t appreciate or see their work, their humble journeys, their magnanimous universe, their wonderland, then you must also step away from all and any kind of art that surrounds your life.

For starters, you must refrain from watching movies, TV shows, talk shows, web series, music videos, musicals, stage performances, open mics, on stage comedy shows, satirical videos, spoofs. Don’t watch AIB, TVF, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Sarah Kay, Game Of Thrones, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and other all-time favourites of yours.

Don’t obsess or admire or fanboy/fangirl over actors, singers, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, directors, filmmakers, cinematographers, painters, orators, teachers, designers, freelancers or any other person who’s an artist or is related to this field.

Don’t listen to songs anywhere, don’t own any headphones or playlists, or on YouTube, don’t sing songs, don’t listen or watch dance performances, don’t dance on songs and numbers. Don’t read poetry, stories, blogs, personal takes, opinions, or books, novels any kind of novel (esp creative genres), don’t read comic books, don’t buy colours, colouring books, canvas, paints, crayons, items for crafting and designing. Do not click photographs, do not travel to holiday destinations or trek/skiing locations/hill stations, do not make videos, do not even own a camera.

Do not buy fancy gifts for your loved ones, do not sing songs, write poetry or dance for your beloved. Don’t buy gifts for your family members or cakes or clothes or roses to make them feel special. Don’t even buy handicrafts, handmade items, embroidered clothes, decorated items, show pieces etc.

Each and every thing listed above, each and every aspect written there, has, is or is somewhere related, in a big or small way, to THE ARTS.


What is left in your life?

Your profession? Your high salary cheque? Your 9 to 5 job? As you keep drudging over your tiredness? As you keep abusing your boss? As you keep whining because you can’t travel to your favourite holiday destination?

If you do relate to this mayhem, then let me tell you, you’re not alone, and that your life doesn’t end in the four corners of your office cubicle. Also that, there is nothing to worry about. You can always make a start. You can always get up, make a decision and slap your life back into shape, you can always mold your life more according to your passion and even give time to your profession. You don’t have to quit your job. But, you mustn’t settle for less either. Firstly, start appreciating everything that is ‘art’ around you! You can always do part time jobs, you can take up freelancing, you can negotiate with your workspace so that you can give time to hone your artistic skills, live for your passion and basically everything that renders happiness to you in the truest sense. At least then, your constant drudgery, whining and abusing will disappear into thin air and you will be infused and recharged with confidence, positive energy, enchantment, happiness, joy and reverence.

Go to those dance classes, join music lessons, take up a novel writing tutorial, sign up for that recommend series on YouTube, just shift your lens from your Excel Sheet and rise. Don’t keep thinking, make a start. Don’t keep whining about your life, instead, get up and do what makes you happy. Life is so precious and so short. Make each day, each and moment count, make it your own. Seize the day. Carpe Diem.

So, one day or day one. The choice is yours.

Remember, your art can save you. Also, art exists in each and every one of us. Be it in your hobby which you like to do once a week! So what? Do it! It might be deep inside, but you still have it in you, you also like us, artists, wanting to make the world yours, wanting to conquer the universe. You’re not away from us, you’re just limited to certain horizons.

Art resides within us. We all are made up of it in some way or the other. For some of us, it just rests in our hearts and souls. But, it is still very much there.

For some of us, we pick it up and make whirlwinds out of it. Artists want to showcase their art to the world. They want to dwell on it, strengthen their skills, shine with their magic and sprinkle it in every corner of this world. They want to change lives, change opinions, mindsets and the society with their work.

This is the only difference. But, like I said, it is there in each of us. It might just be residing in your heart or soul. Or you might have deliberately buried deep inside because of your job. But, it is there. It is still, but it exists. It has to exist! Because without art, we’re nowhere. Without art, we are incomplete. Without art, we have no escape. Without art, what will save us?

So, respect each and every field and profession there is. Appreciate what artists do, try to understand their point of view, depth, analysis and the world that they want to create. Or if not that, just respect and appreciate.

Also who knows, art might also touch in a way that, it will make you grow, make you shine, make you content, it will raise you, it will save you.

So, one day or day one. The choice is yours.

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