BIT Students Protest As Careers Of 200 Architecture Students Hang By A Thread

Posted by Rupal Poddar in Campus Watch
March 29, 2017

“Students should not only be trained to live in a democracy when they grow up; they should have the chance to live in one today.” Alfie Kohn

Students are trained to live in democracy and to abide by it. But, the brutal side of democracy and the major fall out of Indian education system is evident when the headlines carry news of student suicides, cheating and opening of non-registered colleges, etc. Loopholes in education system take away from India’s future. The country is denied access to its human resource because of poor logistics.

The younger brains of the society need to be attentive and free from unnecessary anxiety as India’s future depends on them. Students’ political activism is a nation’s pride; be it against escalating crime rates, the spiral down of the economy, demonetisation or any other issue, students have always raised their voices.

This year, the off campus colleges of Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) are playing host to utter unrest. The chaos continues as students are being denied the basic right of a licensed educational qualification.

The BIT Patna website attracts students for admission to its Architecture course claiming it to be registered under the University Grants Commission (UGC) as well as under the Council of Architecture (CoA). However, both the statutory bodies deny registration of the particular course of the college.

Careers of over 200 architecture students are at stake because the college authorities have misled them. Students are protesting for the right to their hard earned future, which seems uncertain amidst the chaos the campus is going through.

A student of Architecture says that he sees utmost darkness for himself as well as for the other 180 students of his department. The placards holding, agitating students are going through a very significant phase, which will define their future.

With students raising their voices, all we expect is that this course should be registered by UGC and CoA, at the very least, for this batch.