Badrinath Ki Dulhania Or Vaidehi Ka Dulha?

Posted by Priyanka Kandoi in Culture-Vulture
March 14, 2017

Yes, it’s 2017 and that is exactly why a movie like “Badrinath Ki Dulhania” actually needed to be made. I am so glad I didn’t blindly believe in the various blogs that have been doing the rounds on the Internet regarding the movie and went to watch it for myself. There is nothing wrong with the movie! In fact, it is a great movie that can by watched by one and all & comes with a great lesson attached to it.

Okay, so it does begin like any other sappy Hindi movie with the boy falling in love with the girl at first sight and treating her like some conquest to be won. But this girl (Vaidehi Shukla) is a very strong character, and all of us girls can relate to her. She chooses her career over marriage to a man who doesn’t have the courage to speak up against archaic social systems like dowry and not allowing the daughter in-law to take up a job which is considered “faaltu cheezein”. She only agrees to marry him when they finally have mutual love and respect for each other, and when he stands up for her and her high soaring ambitions. I loved how the characters are so realistically portrayed. Vaidehi isn’t some robot void of any emotion or feelings; she says, “Love important hai, par usse bhi zyada important hai izzat (Love is important, but respect is more important).” Isn’t it true? Is it possible to love someone whom you don’t respect?

This movie teaches us a lot of things, and let me remind you, the whole of India doesn’t read blogs on the Internet to be educated about what needs to change in our society, but they do watch films with such a star cast for the sheer entertainment of it.

“Badrinath Ki Dulhania” not just entertains, it educates! Daughters are not liabilities, the whole dowry system needs to be taken down, women need to be respected and allowed to follow their dreams and aspirations, parents of daughters need to save up money for their education and not for their weddings, husbands should speak up for their wives as and when required, the ridiculousness of conducting silly religious ceremonies so that you’re blessed with a grandson. This movie teaches you all of this! Please go watch the movie for some education and entertainment! I hope you learn from it too.

Agar samajh mei aaye toh theek, nahi toh “Jai Bholenath ki”!