Bedwetter Child and Punishment

Posted by Riz Khan
March 13, 2017

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As a parent of bedwetter child you might think something is wrong with you or your child because he or she continues to wet the bed even at 7 or 8 years of age, while your friend’s two years old has perfectly mastered bladder control. Well, think again. You are not the only one with a bedwetter child.

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2003 Sleep in America poll, 14% of preschoolers and 4% of school-age children wet the bed a few nights per week or more and 21% of preschoolers and 7% of school-aged children do so once a week or more.

Take the burden off your shoulders and don’t blame your child if he or she is a bedwetter.  There are many reasons that could lead a child to be a bedwetter varying from hereditary to medical to psychological.


Here is a quick check list.

  • Revisit and think if you or any of child’s first relative was a bed wetter.
  • Is your child is a deep sleeper? Well, if yes, then get a bed-wetting alarm unit that combines sound and vibration, and a moisture sensitive sensor that detects urine immediately and triggers off the alarm.
  • Evaluate if your child has reached bladder maturation.
  • Does your child have normal bowel movement? Closely watch if he or she is pooping everyday because constipation is a vital cause of a child to be a bedwetter.
  • Although rare, medical issues such as urinary tract infections, sleep apnea, diabetes, spinal cord problems can lead a child to be a bedwetter.
  • Be aware of any psychological anxiety your child might experience because of moving, death of loved one, separation or divorce of parents, and new school.

Being a parent you would find it hard to see your child a bedwetter that usually affects your child’s self-esteem. So, take a pause and assess what might be the causing them to be a bedwetter.

Knowing the cause would make finding the solution and working with your child lot easier. The solution or treatment option might be a combination of bed-wetting alarms, medication, disposable undergarments and waterproof bedding.

But whatever you choose, remember your love and support is most important to your child. Don’t punish or criticize.  Educate yourself on the problems and challenges of bedwetter child and bring your whole family together to help the young bedwetter.

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