Being An Introvert- An Answer That I Ardently Seek

Posted by Anindya J Ganguly
March 8, 2017

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Well, in the last several weeks, I have been associated with a couple of pages, passively and actively. At times as an audience and at moments as an editor. The journey has been phenomenal honestly. Certain posts which I found amusing, may have ended up upsetting a few or might have triggered them to share. And there are times when I am vehemently protesting over some issue, being a sheep with the angry mob.

However, a post I shared, titled, ‘Introverts’ gathered quite a reaction. I am amazed by the rate this post got liked and shared and how we as individuals could easily connect to this post. Why is that? Are we really so much closeted that we fail to mix with the society? I mean, I am one of you guys, pretty much abated from the norms and notorieties of the society, but where lies the difference, I seek, earnestly.
This polarity between the introverts, pseudo-introverts, exoverts and ambiverts in the recent few weeks has intrigued and amused me to a great extent. Definitely if deemed down upon history we find myriads of scattered examples of individuals like us, many of whom are able to succeed in their respective fields and have left a commendable mark that we revere to in all our odds and struggle. Yes, they do motivate us, individuals who share traits similar to us, people to whom we can correlate to while we exist in our presence, this very moment, as you are sincerely or passively perhaps reading this thought-provoking query of mine, but we do love these guys from our time or past because we can connect to them, so way or the other, whether the character are real or fictitious, but being able to draw the amicable ambience from our collective colossal of convenient cocoon is everything we ardently crave for. Don’t have me for my repetitive usage of random thoughts, as I retort back and forth on this particular issue, why are we becoming so colonial to ourselves, our existence, our beliefs, our rationals. I don’t endorse complete liberty of our modern spirit, because it’s my understand from diving into history, “Too much freedom of expression may evoke anarchy, which may flow like a butterfly effect.” But still, as individuals can’t we be a little more less-conservative, a little more liberal with our attachments to the strings of values that seem so dear to us. I am not critiquing anyone, I am nobody to do so, but I believe in a principle of self-harmony and brotherhood a.k.a sisterhood and humanhood, under whose canopy we all fall, and say a “Hi” to a stranger and chat for a minute or two, not because we are obliged to, like Ivan Pablov’s dog, creating an atmosphere of Classical conditioning but more of naturally, more from our heart, rendering from our soul, becoming more human, socially, morally and spiritually, So that the introvert doesn’t feel an outsider any more and be an inseparable part of the castle of colours that your are consciously contouring over the canvas or collage made of poignant pastels.
Who knows someday, somewhere that Picasso or Blyton of our time can render courage to another great spirit dwelling in the future to break the shell and empower each-self into an individual who may someday change the course of the world in a more optimistic direction.
“I shall take a step or two to lessen our void
But you take a step as well amidst all the skeptic’s noise
So that we may rise, hand in hand, juxtaposed and poised
And build a Paradise of our very own choice
Where we may have a legit freedom to express our voice.”

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