Being Introvert

March 28, 2017

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This is just my perspective so please do not take this personally.

An introvert in layman terms is a person who does not interact with the society as much as other people. Introverts enjoy their own company. They like to be alone which is not at all a bad thing. Introverts generally are very socially awkward. They usually find it difficult to interact with people and make friends. Being an Introvert myself I have faced these problems. But someone is not born an introvert. It can happen due to many things like growing up in small town where you do not have much exposure, people making fun of you when you were young because of which you now think that if you go out in front of an audience, you think they will judge you, because of which you overthink and as a result you stammer in front of an audience. Being introvert you don’t face problems when you are young. Things start to go south when you grow up. Certain things or activities which are helpful for you career wise demand a great deal of interaction with people and public speaking. Which personally for me is a very big deal and when you have selected a stream like commerce, it requires nothing but this.
What people do not know about introverts is that they have a lot of potential, talent stored inside which only they themselves know about but would not come forward with it. Which according to me is a problem sometimes. Many are dreamers, they sometimes get so lost in daydreaming that they have trouble accepting their realities like myself. The problem is that if you won’t come forward with what you can do and the potential you have then you are a nobody. And in a world like ours, you cannot survive being a nobody. YOU JUST CANNOT. The world does not work that way. But as the saying goes, “Every Problem Comes With A Solution” , there is a solution to this as well.
People often say, FACE YOUR FEAR, which is apt in this case. Have a fear of Public Speaking? Go join a debate in something that you love to do. Cannot pitch your to the in Public? Do mock presentations. Have problems in speaking in a language in front of somebody? Read something in that language in front of a mirror. It is not that the introverts have not thought of these ideas already. They have thought of it but they cannot gather the courage to actually go do it. They procrastinate. My personal experience was that I had to give a presentation in front of 70 people about a topic and I kept giving reasons to my professor to extend the date. But the thing about extensions is that they do not last forever. Nothing does. So finally it was The Day of Reckoning, The Doomsday as I called it. I could feel all the rush, the overthinking, the intense feeling in my stomach, the sweating, people starting to judge me, everything that could go wrong rushed to my mind. When my turn came I started with a certain tremor in my voice for a few slides but gradually it all went away and the presentation overall went well. What I learnt that day was that every new thing that you try be it interacting with new people, presentations etc., they all feel like this for a short span of time but as you speak and go forward you gain confidence you gain mastery.
So bottom line I would say as that the chances of doing something and earning a buck by being an introvert is slim compared to speaking your mind and your thoughts. To end I would say to you what I say to myself. Quit being a cry baby and do it.

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