Better Life For Archana

Posted by Subhashini Singh
March 27, 2017

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Meet Archana Edwin, a bubbly 10-year-old who loves to tell stories about a half-witted woman in her village who used to steal guavas from her tree.She may appear to be a normal kid but there is a sad story behind this adorable smile.She has never seen her father and her mother left her taking her brother along with her when she was only 3 years old.Both of her parents have remarried and are living separate lives. She lives with her maternal grandparents.She has had a troubled childhood with no love and affection.To add to her miseries, she is suffering from a form of coordination disorder.She is neither able to walk properly nor is able to hold anything.She has to be hand-fed.Her grandparents who live in a rural part of BIHAR are too deprived to provide for her diagnosis, treatment, and education.They have to work hard day in and day out in the fields for a square meal.They are worried about her future after them as there is no one she can turn to.

Archana is a very bright child.I’m confident, that if she is given required medical treatment and schooling, she can achieve a lot in life.This is why I’ve started this campaign to raise fund for her.

Consider donating.Even a penny that you give can help her live a decent life.

Here is the ketto link: Please share and help us raise money for her.

I’ll keep you updated about her here and at my facebook page.
Thank you in advance!

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