Change Starts From You

Posted by Nikhil Vyaas
March 9, 2017

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It was a sunday, i woke up at 11 a.m. with a sleepy face and came to the hall.I noticed two ladies helping my mother for cleaning the house since we were vacating it in few days.They were actually the building workers in our colony who came to work for us in sunday so that they can earn an extra amount by it.Surfing the internet and by watching the copied television shows i was passing my time.They( two ladies) finished the work and waited for their pay. My mother told them to have their lunch in our home itself and leave.I helped my mother by taking the plates for them and kept it on the dinning table.The two ladies gave me a surprising look and said me that they will have the food by sitting in the floor itself. I said them no you can sit on the table but they both  never accepted  my offer and started sitting on the floor.My mother gave me an explanation that they may not  be used to it.But i demanded the exact reason to them.And a lady came with a reason that they are always made to sit on the floor wherever they go for work since it deals with so called BOSS LABOUR MENTALITY.I was not at all happy with this answer and forced them only to sit on the dinning table and eat the lunch.At first they were hesitating and then sat on the chair and had their lunch on the dinning table.While they were having the lunch my only thinking was how ugly the society had turned into.They finished the lunch and left our home after few minutes.I was happy that i was not one among the ugly society and took a resolution from that moment i will never treat people based on their money nor positions they held.After reading this I hope people who make their workers sit on the floor and offer food (the mentality about your workers)will change.Because change starts from you

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