Posted by Madhu Bhagat
March 18, 2017

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Well done NAMO…….this is the word of 11 years old Akidat Naveed, the daughter of Pakistan. When I heard about the letter of Aqeedat Naveed, I was curious to read her letter. Now, the situation is indicating me that these two countries fight with each other, treat each other as an enemy. These countries consider themselves

separate, but the children of the countries proof them wrong. What were the words ……… marvelous.  She has written the letter to prime minister of Narendra Modi. She has appreciated his work. She congratulated him for the winning the UP election. She requested Narendra Modi to touch the heart of Pakistan as the people of UP.

I am talking about the eleven years old Aqeedat Naveed. She is student of  fifth class Lahore, Pakistan. She has written many letters to foreign minister Shusma Swaraj. She got the responsed.Time to time she writes the letter for India to many ministers. The two page letter expresses the situation of Pakistan. She wrote “STOP FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER”. Every words of her appealed to Pakistan and India to forget all the furriness for each other and just rock it. The words of 5th standard girl’s letter depicts that these two countries are incomplete without each other.

Aqeedat Naveed told what her father said. Her father    He has won the heart of India, that’s why he won the elections. Further, she appealed to Narendra Modi to keep the peace between the India and Pakistan. LET’S KEEP THE PEACE BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTHAN. LET’S BUY BOOKS INSTAED THE BULLET, LET’S BUY THE MEDICINE INSTEAD OF REVOLVER. Further, she added that if   Narendra Modi request to people that no one will do. She also assures that the Narendra Modi’s request would be very influensive. She ended her letter to say congratulation Narendra Modi for winning UP elections.

The letter of Aqeedat Naveed tells that the small child has been understood but the matured person is busy to fight with each other. They are not getting the thing that peace plays an important role to make life beautiful and big, but there is no peace. She focused on the peace, which has been disappeared since 1947. We are the children of one mother. They have been separated. Now, question arises in my mind “Why we are fighting for Kashmir? Are we happy to fight with each other? Are we happy to shoot our people?  Would our mother would happy to see us as an enemy?” If we continue to fight with each other, we don’t get the emotions of eleven years of girl, so there would not remain anything except land.

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