Condition Of Farmers In The Land Of Cuture And Heritage

Posted by Abhay Singh
March 31, 2017

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In 1965, The former prime minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri at a pubic gathering in Delhi gave a slogan to India of “Jai jawaan and jai kisaan(Hail the soldier, Hail the soldier)”. He was the P.M. who cared about the lives of feeder and protector, and I strongly believe if he would not had died untimely, he would have changed the lives of two of the dearest sons of mother India. After him many governments came and went, and gradually the lives of soldiers became better but in case of farmers, it only deteriorated. Today 54% of India’s workforce is dependant on agricultural works. If you get out on road and ask an average Indian “who is farmer”? he will simply say a farmer is someone who earn his wages through his land by producing eatables and have enough to eat for whole year since they are the producers, but the reality is completely different from common Indian perception. There are two types of farmer, they are cultivators and agricultural laborers . cultivators are those who work on their own land and agricultural laborers work for wages in fields. Agricultural workers as fraction of India’s total population have decreased only from 27% in 1951 t0 21.7% in 2011. The fraction of cultivators (most of them having very less land) had gradually gone down from 72% in 1951 to just 45.1% in 2011. And agricultural labour force has increased steadily from 28% to 54.8%. These trends are upsetting, More and more people are losing their land everyday and since industry has not thriven much in our country, they are forced to work as construction or farm laborers. Most of the Indian farmers are living miserable lives. They are known by their very look. It is a look of despair. They are more dead than alive. There is hardly a smile on their faces or a ray of hope in their hearts. They only earn hand to mouth. They belong to a class of have nots. Although we are nothing without them but our lack of apathy towards them has made their life living hell. Our feeder is dying for food, How sad isn’t it? What a society we live in………… Our politicians always boasts about Achievements of Mars mission, 104 satellite launch, rafale deal and many more things? Can we ever dare asking them, why everyday 15 farmers commit suicide in India? Why government does not fix a good amount for agricultural laborers and make amendments in this regard? Why govt. does not allow the farmers to sell their produce wherever they want? Why govt. is not trying to educate them about modern farming techniques and had left them on the mercy of their fate. We the people of the country must take out a moment from our self oriented and money making lives to think about the person, who worked whole day in the fields today and will not get anything to eat tonight

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