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10 Tips To Ace The ICSE And CBSE Exams In 2017

Posted by Srishti Moudgil in Education
March 4, 2017
Editor’s note: This story is in response to Youth Ki Awaaz’s topic for this week – #BeatExamStress to share some gyaan with students preparing for their finals on how you coped with exam stress – the most difficult times you faced and what it did to you, study techniques, or just how our education system needs to get exams right. If you have an experience to share, write to us here.

While checking posts on Youth Ki Awaaz from my office, I came across the #BeatExamStress hashtag inviting writers to share their experiences for students appearing for board exams this year.

I am really passionate about writing. So, I couldn’t resist sharing a few memories and experiences of the days of board exams in the 10th and 12th standards.

Since these are the first national level exams which a child sits for, the pressure and the anxiety are at their peaks.

The most inescapable part of board exams is that family members and relatives continuously daunt you with endless questions, thereby creating fear in your mind.

I tell you, my dear reader, that this is the time to surround yourself with your books. It’s also important to not burden yourself with the expectations of your relatives and parents, or the promises you made to your teachers.

1. Spend Time With Your Books, But Don’t Study All Day Long

As the exams draw near, you should spend the maximum time reading books, notes and whatever resources you have gathered during the entire year.

But you must also find time to go out for a walk sometime during the day. This will keep you energised for the entire day.

2. Find Time For Meditation

You should also practise meditation, ideally twice a day. It may sound boring, but 15 minutes of meditation can significantly boost your levels of concentration.

Also, 20 minutes of deep meditation will fetch you two hours of sound sleep. So, it’s a win-win situation either way.

3. Keep A Check On Your Diet

Since you have to study for long and continuous hours, avoid eating oily, fried and heavy foods. It’s a good idea to consume fruits, salads and juices, which will keep you energetic throughout.

4. NCERT Textbooks Are The Key

No matter what other books you might have studied for the entire year, this is the time when NCERT textbooks play the most vital role in your preparations. In fact, many national level exams are based on the CBSE syllabus, and reading NCERT textbooks will definitely keep you ahead in the race.

5. Don’t Rely On Question Samples From Previous Years

Although it’s good to practise sample papers, you cannot completely rely on them. While you may use them to gauge the probable exam-pattern, NCERT textbooks should always be your essential and go-to books.

6. It’s Better To Study During Daytime!

Although many prefer reading at night when there is less disturbance outside, I believe that studying during daytime adds to the ‘quality’ of your preparation.

7. Don’t Run After Astrologers

This might sound funny, but this happened in my case. My parents and I were excessively concerned about exam scores. Hence, they consulted many astrologers to ‘predict and calculate’ my scores. The predictions never came true.

Besides, this is all useless at this point of time. You may try these once the exams are over. Would you stop preparing if an astrologer tells you that you aren’t going to fail in the exams?

The situation is the same as Arjuna’s, who was scared of the consequences of the battle while he was on the battlefield.

Krishna then advises Arjuna to focus on his job. The ‘rest’, Krishna says, will be taken care of by himself. Whether you believe in Krishna or not, the only belief that you should stick to is that your ‘higher self’ loves you immensely and would desire nothing but the best possible outcome.

This faith will get you past the biggest battles of your life – even if they are the board exams!

8. Be At Your 100% During These Days!

Don’t set your goals too high. Don’t underestimate yourself, either. Simply work hard and perform your best during this time.

9. Stay Positive

Stay positive, even if your parents, teachers and relatives are underestimating and belittling your efforts! The sun continues to shine after clouds and storms have passed away!

10. Relax On The Day Of The Exam

Finally, on the D-day, relax and let go! Don’t keep cramming outside the exam hall. Staying calm is the key. Don’t worry – it will all flow!

Listen to soulful music, read good knowledge sheets and love your NCERT textbooks!

Here’s wishing you all the best!

The entire universe conspires for your happiness!

You will all be the best, and I know it!