Cost to Company!! Really?

Posted by Srishti Moudgil
March 29, 2017

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It was mid of February of 2014 when I was shortlisted for this reputed IT Company’s interview. Well, I had other dreams rather than working in a typical 9 to 5 thing. But, the college was about to end 5 months down the lane and all I could do was to sit for this placement drive.
Despite studying the not so easy electronics and communication subjects for four years, I could never clearly explain the difference between AC and DC current and even worse.. series and parallel circuits. I felt like a big loser when it was time for semester end viva where I sat like a nursery kid unable to figure out the similarity between green capsicum and yellow one. Every semester was no less than a battle for me- a struggle to get relieved from the pressure of exams which I never wanted to appear for.
Anyhow, I could get through the first round which involved an English test as English has been my top favorite at all times. Also, English has been my biggest savior during the VIVAS. If you are a fluent English speaker, it is indeed easy to fool the examiner by murmuring the answers quickly.
I was sure to be knocked out in the technical round as already described above. When asked about my favorite subject in, all I could answer was English and Economics. Hearing this, the technical guy stared at me as if I had almost pulled his lungs out. His jaws dropped, eyebrows widened and eyes almost about to fall down. Although I realized what I had just said but then it was too late to correct.
But he didn’t let go of his temper. He again came with another question of networking, digital electronics, and so-called embedded systems. So, once again I used my English speaking sword and killed his questions and went away. Surprisingly, I got through the technical round. Yes, I did. See, English worked for me there desire poor technical skills.
The next was the HR round which was just a game for me. Now, there came the turning point. When it came to finalizing the salary, the HR mentioned CTC 3 lakhs. Most of you may consider me stupid, but then this was me. I really didn’t know the meaning of CTC in my final year of graduation. So, I asked the HR if you could please explain the meaning of CTC.
In the words of HR, “ CTC means Cost to Company. It is the amount the company shall spend on you in a particular year. The HR continued, “ For an employee, CTC means the amount given by the company as salary but it is never actually received by the employee.”
On my further research, I found, CTC is referred to the total cost incurred to hire, maintain, retain the employees including the overhead cost allocation.
So, finally, I made it to the list of “placed” students of my college. With so many jealous people around me including my own friends who had been with me from past 4 years, I could smell burning hearts from all sides. I was delighted to see happy parents, newspaper advertisements showcasing my college’s placements, hoardings, relatives throwing congratulations and all.

But somewhere in the middle of everything, I could just realize, that now I am nothing but a COST to a company. I would have to work the whole day and at times at weekend and overtime just to prove that I am a GOOD COST to the company.

I mean cost to the company, seriously? We spend our entire lives working for a particular company. And if by chance, the company loses its projects, then you no longer can be a COST to the company. Clearly, because it cannot afford to pay you. Right?

I mean it’s high time companies including big brands must start thinking that HUMAN RESOURCE isn’t a COST to their organization. We are actually an asset which can take your organization to new heights of success. We depend on you to pay our house rents, electricity bills, mobile bills and all. And, we do work really hard to serve your clients with the best results.

I am not a cost to a company. I am an Asset.

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