Dear Bullies – You Are Murderers

Posted by Anzala Riyaz
March 14, 2017

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Dear Bullies, 
Today I feel like addressing you in person. Why shouldn’t I? You hold the credit of largest and cruelest Murders of all times. It’s time – we need to talk!
When I was naive enough to take you as a ‘friend’ – you came out with a green flag, “bear with me, I’m a bully”, you said. Back then, it was close to fine, that I could maintain distance with you—after some time, it became a habit. Eventually, I learned one thing – in every class, everywhere, there would be a bully waiting to murder you if not one.
As I grew taller, I could see to the distances I couldn’t, before. I could look through the negative air you bore around. Yes, I was watching it all, though I preferred to be quite, that’s something I always do.
But I couldn’t bear it when you cloaked yourself and came to me with a smiling face. That was enough! Your cowardly self had no shame or no guts to come out as who you were. From then on, you converted yourself from an ‘active’ bully to a ‘passive’ bully. But let me tell you -I’m still watching, and keeping quiet – because that’s what I do, I always do.
When people run after their dreams, I might have been walking, but what has it to do with you? When people fly amidst perfection and success, I might have been just setting up my parachute, but why did you prick mine? Am I really that important?
If you truly wanted to be ‘excellent’, you would have focused on your fissures and mountains. But unfortunately, you just wanted to be the ‘best’ – which requires others to fall down, and congratulations you won! But now, you have a murder charge on you. How would you pay for that?
Fortunately, it’s not my story, but unfortunately, is a story of us all. It’s sad how ‘active’ and ‘passive’ Bullies are filling the air around us, polluting it. People with dreams are forced to give away their bags of passion. Bullies, on the other end, rejoice in other’s fall. But that’s enough. If you ever find a low-self-esteemed person cross by, depressed and lost – make them realize – Bullies are ‘Murderers’ and have illegal power and success. It might not give them their passion and esteem back, but would definitely make the Bullies go behind bars!

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