Dear Society, Please Do Not Make Her Sacrifice..

Posted by Sanvi Oak
March 25, 2017

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We are living in a free country.. We do have a choice of living our life according to our principles..However women of all ages are proven to be an exception to this..

Roshani,  a girl born in an orthodox family was asked to give her toys etc. to her brother who was 2 years older than her.As she grew old and wished to go for higher studies like her brother,  she was asked to get married and study after marriage. She innocently believed her parents and got married with Vijay. Few months after marriage, she expressed her desire for studies, her in laws became furious and asked her to concentrate on household work and having children. Her husband was not so bothered about the same and seemed to be agreed with his parents. The story doesn’t end here.

After continuous pressure from family and society she became mother and once again was asked to stay at home full time to take care of the child and quit her job.

There are so many “Roshani” around us or within us. Woman are meant for sacrifices.. Why??

It begins right from childhood till death. The one who is not ready to sacrifice is blamed by the society.She may be labelled as a “Bad Lady” and will not be accepted by our society easily.. Her presence will be either avoided or tolerated at family or social gatherings..she will get bunch of unwanted advices and become hot topic for everyone’s gossip.. Why??

The story begins from our home,  our own family,  relatives and friends.. Handful ladies are so lucky who are exceptions.. Also, the fact cannot be denied that woman who had made sacrifices in her life is expecting other woman to do the same..

Roshani doesn’t want to get married now and wants to pursue higher studies..Let her do it..She wants to study post marriage.. Let her do it.. She wants to build her career post or during pregnancy.. Please society let her do it.. Let her live happily and dear Society,  please do not make her sacrifice of anything which is against her will…

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