Do Not Wish Happy Women’s Day

Posted by Jaya Arjun Seonie
March 7, 2017

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Dear people
Please do not wish any female a Happy Women’s day .
You don’t need bouquets and chocolates for making you feel special for that one day .
You don’t need special offers for shopping to get discounts for that one day.
You don’t need special screening of movies based on women empowerment for that one day .
You don’t need those forwarded respect the women messages for that one day .
You don’t need to be interviewed on achievements of females all around the world for that one day .

We can’t wait for one whole year to celebrate one special day to be a women and rest of the year to be treated as a naïve and miserable human being.

We want not to be judged by what to say , what to dress , what to express and what to feel .

We don’t want your roses, we don’t want your gifts as we want you to stop looking at us that our life is just to cook , clean and care for others .
We are still judged by our cooking skills
We are still judged by our appearance
We are still judged by our expression.
So when women are judging other women . So why should men treat us with respect .
So who are the victims and who are the enemies .
Why do we have to fight every time just to achieve our dreams .
Why we have to be tightened up by saying it’s old tradition .
Why can’t we make new traditions , is this world evolving or falling ????

So please until and unless you can change one factor by yourself for at least one women , please don’t wish any female ‘ Happy Women’s day ‘ because there is nothing to be happy about for celebrating one single day.


Written by

Jaya Arjun Seonie



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