Don’t make the mistake of sending your kid to VSA

Posted by anonymous10
March 26, 2017

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I’ve also posted this review on mouth but I doubt anything will be done about it there.

Take it from me, an ex student, you do not want to put your kid in this school. It’s true what most people say, it’s a place for spoilt rich people with zero values and maturity levels. A lot of bullying takes place and most of it goes unnoticed and whatever does come the notice of teachers, they don’t care. Mentally and emotionally I had an extremely difficult time and nobody should go through all that. People studying here develop an I Don’t Care attitude and genuinely lack emotions. You want your kid to be spoilt? Have a really disrespectful attitude and no values? This is the right place.( I am an ex student and the things I’m saying about the people, I’m saying it with experience. I hated my batch).The food is disgusting. And don’t get me started about the fees. Perfect example of commercialising education.

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