Posted by Ubair Ul Mateen
March 29, 2017

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  • I’m gonna share my views on something about which we usually don’t debate. Its the real purpose of education. What education is? Does education mean profession?

First we should know what education really means? People differ in ideologies on this. Some people think that being educated means being a officer. Such people are most in number. When a child is being raised by parents everyone asks his parents that what do you want him to become. They simple say doctor, engineer, pilot etc and send him to school to become doctor or engineer not to get educated.

Education is for betterment of society. Our purpose was to make contribution to the society not to get contribution from society. Today education is related to profession and directly to money. People get educated for a white collar job not for their betterment and betterment of society. There much difference between a literate and an educated man. Educated man works for others. I only know some people who work for us like IAS officers, IITians, some writers, some thinkers, psychologists etc. Rest people I’m not saying all but 90% earn mnoney for themselves. First parents should be held responsible for this who always force their child to make his carrer according to their sweet will without knowing his interest. I have seen many people saying that i want to make my child doctor. Almost all people of our state have such narrow thinking. They can’t see beyond that. Even in our state a teacher is seen with low respect as compared to a doctor or an engineer. In our society a person whose father wanted to make him a doctor couldn’t become doctor and then he tries his luck for administrative exams and if again he fails he becomes a teacher. This is the real blunder of our society. The person who is not adjusted anywhere is adjusted in education sector. He becomes a teacher then. The place where we should get the best of best we get here the worst of worst. Has anyone among you aimed at becoming a teacher and contributing to society? Almost the answer will be no. What would you become if you didn’t get what you wanted. The answer is that you will become a teacher and regret all life that i couldn’t do anything. Why? Was teaching a 3rd grade profession? Why doesn’t teacher get respect in society equal to a doctor? Why do people want to get everything from society and give nothing back to it. Why people want their children to become only officers not human right activists. Although some people work for society but the number is very less. Educated youth was the biggest power of a nation but who gives education in our society. We only get officer making robots not teachers who tell us our real purpose. If the goal of our life was only doctor, engg or an officer then why would Allah create 6 billion people? He would have created only some people and thus they could get everything what they wanted and what they wanted to become? Has 6 billion population only one aim, only one goal? Clearly everyone has its own role. How could 6 billion population of world satisfy? We all think that everyone who pursues humanities in their 10+2 is dumb. NO! they aren’t dumb. They are just wise enough to know what they wanted in life. There is only one profession which can satisfy all people of world. This is the art of beneffiting others, working for others, giving others, helping them, living with them, sharing with them. This gives the real peace to spirit. Lets make our society equal not a society dominated by someone or something. Every profession is equal, we all need of them…. Society will only work with that thing which is for all not for some people……

In the end only one line…… GIVE YOUR CONTRIBUTION SMALL OR BIG……….  Create your own ways……….

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