Fairytales – Why It Is Okay To Believe In Them

Posted by Tara maheshwari
March 18, 2017

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I read fairytales growing up  and I see people talking about it now in EIC, youth ki awaaz, vagabond and many more.

Somehow I want to give the other side of the coin about the fairytales or in particular the rage of this month Beauty and the Beast.

I don’t want to offend anybody or disrespect their opinions but would just like to leave my impression.
I do not think it is right Shun our fairytales with our so called modern concepts.

Let me dive into the story.

When an eccentric man goes missing, his daughter goes in search for him. That’s how it all starts.

Belle goes to a castle to save her father. It is not very sensible to go into a dark gloomy mansions but she is over ridden with worry. Then she stays when she feels it’s enchanted.
Who runs away from talking tea pots and clocks anyway?
Belle always wanted an adventure and was brave enough to pursue it when she saw it.

This movie taught me it’s okay to face the impossible even if it seems foolish for others.

Then she promises to stay with the beast in return of her father’s freedom.

Then Stockholm syndrome comes,  Beauty falls in love with the beast.

I mean come-on I know it’s stupid to love your kidnapper.
But she loved him for a reason.
She saw the good in him and that he actually is making an effort. Even in the starting when he loses his temper but softens for her.
She didn’t think ….what would make this whole thing better? Maybe falling in love?

He never hurts her and  treats her like how she always wanted to be.

While everybody calls her odd for reading he encourages her and gifts his whole library for her. 

Maybe it was not meant to teach us that we should fall in love with strangers but maybe that even the beast has a heart.

Maybe it meant to show that everybody have their motives and perceptives.
He kept her back not to hurt her but in hope of his and his servants’ freedom.
Fairytales maybe wanted kids to be pure and believe that every person has something good in them.
I know it’s not very wise to believe that in today’s world but I firmly believe that trusting or saving one innocent person is important than condemning thousand culprits.

I hate that people show Disney princesses as weak.
Belle turns away the guy who wanted a perfect woman and not the one whom he loved.
A man who could make her feel accepted in the normal world and for whom every girl dies for in the town.

She believes in her father even if the town marks him crazy. It needs strength.

She is ambitious enough to want more from her life.
She is brave,intelligent and confident young lady.
Not for one moment I saw her as weak.

She came alone because no one in the town actually step forward to help her crazy father (remember the end?)

People actually made it worse.

I grew up watching beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Hansel and Gratel, sleeping Beauty and thousand others but I can safely say I don’t trust strangers or that I would marry the boy who danced with me till midnight or let a thief climb into the tower by letting down my hair .

But I hope that one man wants me enough to search for me across the world, that one is waiting in his magic carpet eager to show me the galaxies, that world gives importance to both the brave and timid, Beauty and ugliness, to soft spoken and intimidating and that evil shall lose.

I will believe that good exists, that magic exists and that love exists.

I believe  right now we need something beautiful and comforting like that than the microscopic evaluation we give the good old tales seeing ultimately the opposite.

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