FAST FOOD (slow poison)

Posted by Happy Singh
March 27, 2017

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India in coming years might become the world’s capital of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems on the basis of present scenario. One of the major reasons is poor eating habits which includes high consumption of fast foods. Most of us are aware of this. But these days due to massive advertisement of fast food ,it is becoming difficult for us to control our appetite for fast foods. Worst part is it is almost impossible for parents to convince their children about its bad outcomes. It is not only in India but many other developed as well as developing nations are facing same problem.
In developing and underdeveloped countries the problem is rather more serious due to limited and expensive medical facility. Once you diagnosed with any such disease you have to bear the monetary burden which in most cases leads to miserable life. There are cases in western countries about fast food addiction, harmful and toxic chemicals used in fast foods, various health problems due to regular consumption including psychological disorders.
This is not good. It is like advertising porn and expecting that everybody is mature enough to think of its pros and cons. India needs regulations  for unethical advertisements. There are many things which are unethical apart from porn and illicit drugs.

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