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March 28, 2017

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The institution of marriage is an oldest social institution and provides a foundation on which whole superstructure of civilization and prosperity is built. Stability i.e. a happy, cordial and harmonious relationship between couples has been considered as one of the most important condition for this institution in civilized societies-ancient as well as modern. However due to emergence of industrialized societies and result of social awareness amongst people, especially in females about their right of equality and personal liberty, the meaning of stability in the context of marriage has been changing gradually in different span of times. The issue of women’s rights and family law reform has been increasingly entangled within the polemics of politics and minority rights.

But today the laws are such that a woman can easily misuse it for her purpose and benefits. Those women who were used to be subjected to house taker role now have taken giant strides ahead in almost every field along with men in . The INDIAN laws on the other hand have not changed proportionately and are still following VICTORIAN-era mindset. The society has progressed to such an extent that criminality amongst women have achieved a higher stand in society and certainly have become influential but with respect to law is still where it was in olden times. The repeatedly misuse of legal protection aided by POLITICAL jackals and JUDICIAL idiots have destroyed INDIAN family system and has lead to new set of Legal Terrorism.

Innocent families are being victimized by FEMINAZIS
Here will want to highlight the misuse of women protection laws. Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code was passed to protect women against marital cruelty and dowry harassment. This allows the arrest of the husband and his relatives solely on the basis of allegations made by the wife, without any evidence and investigation. Section 498A, being non-bailable, allows punishing the accused by imprisonment even before the guilt is established. Unfortunately, it is increasingly being misused by women to settle scores with their in-laws and husband.

How many laws are there for men?
Most women are using the laws to satiate their greed for money. They use the law to extract money from the husband and in-laws. In fact, the law is being used by women against women. Old mothers and pregnant sisters have been sent to jail on the basis of mere allegations though things changed after Landmark Judgement of Arnesh Kumar vs State & Othrs wherein Hon’ble Supreme court only after 30 years of Legal terrorism upheld to stop Legal Terrorism unleashed by greedy wives and untrained police and insensitive lawyers who had completely destroyed INDIAN family system. There are many laws to safeguard the interest of women. How many such laws do we have for men? Even they need legal protection.

Nothing can be far from reality, since there’s only misuse prevailing in section 498a, with only 2% conviction based on National Crime Records Bureau (government) statistics, considering the total number of FIRs registered compared to the final number of convictions in the case of IPC section 498A. Of all arrests made the Indian Penal Code, 6% are made under the Section 498a. Of all crimes reported under the Indian Penal Code, 4.5% are filed under Section 498a, which is the highest barring theft and hurt.  The police finds 9% to be false or under the wrong law. Of the cases that go to trial, only 15% result in conviction. In July 2014, 3,72,706 cases under Section 498a were pending in Indian courts

In case of dowry deaths, it’s found out that majority of the cases are of “revenge” by the deceased girl’s family upon innocent Husband’s family.

The example of bride’s sending back grooms who demand dowry(as referred to in this article) itself has a prime case of misuse, when it was proven in the trial court, in the case of the famous “Nisha Sharma” case that she was having an affair before marriage, and to wriggle out of the marriage which was fixed against her will by her own family, she cooked up a false incidence of Dowry demand by the groom’s side and sent back the groom’s barat(groom’s family & entourage).

In short there’s ONLY MISUSE, NO USE in case of all these women -protection laws, so much so that none can drive any benefit of justice in these cases.

This is so since the law is not just, but biased, and since the execution of such draconian laws are not according to the tenets of law and natural justice.

It suffices to quote the Supreme Court verdict in case of “Susheel Sharma vs Union of India”, 2006.. That misuse of IPC section 498a is “Legal Terrorism”!!!.

n March 2015, it was reported that Government of India was planning to amend Section 498A. It would be made compoundable, which would allow the parties to settle if the court recommended it. The fine for filing a false case would be increased from INR 1,000 to INR 15,000.

Gender Biased Domestic violence and Sexual Harassment Laws

INDIA is one of few nations across world which doesn’t recognizes Domestic Violence on Men. According to men’s rights activists, the incidence of domestic violence against men in recent years has increased. The activists say that many cases go unreported as men feel too ashamed to report abuse, or fear false accusations against them in reprisal.

Marital Status of Suicide Victims in 2014
Marital status Male Female Transgender
Unmarried 17999 9820 6
Married 59744 27064 0
Widowed/Widower 1410 1304 0
Divorced 551 417 0
Separated 599 316 1
Others 5159 2339 6
Status not known 3367 1261 3
Total 89129 42521 16

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) has claimed that the suicide rate of married men is almost twice that of women, due to them being “unable to withstand verbal, emotional, economic and physical abuse” from their wives. SIFF has pointed to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data to show that suicide in married men is much higher than in married women.

Sexual harassment laws biased against Men

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is not gender neutral and applies to the protection of women only.

The bill was originally gender neutral until Ministry of Women and Child Development and some FEMINIST funded NGOs intervened and changed the name. In today’s world, it’s completely outdated concept to consider that only women suffer from sexual harassment and not men in offices.

According to Section 354 A of the Indian Penal Code , a man can serve up to 3 years of imprisonment for sexually harassing a woman, but there is no such law made for women.

Only the man is prosecuted for adultery.

According to Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code , if the husband commits adultery with the wife of another man, he can be prosecuted for the same. But if a woman commits adultery with the husband of another woman, she cannot be prosecuted.

India’s law should recognize that men can be raped too

An article published in India Today on August 14, 2014 entitled “Teacher among four booked for sodomy in Muzaffarnagar” is just one more example of a peculiar distinction that has remained firmly ensconced in Indian parlance: the idea that men can be sodomized but not raped.

As Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code stands, rape is something that only a man can do to a woman. There is no room for adult male victims, much less female perpetrators. Although child survivors of both sexes are covered by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, current rape laws leave out a large swathe of male victims, who cannot come forward for fear of stigma and a lack of legal recourse.

There are daily instances in newspapers flooded with rape of men by a woman or group of women too. But it becomes discussion of social media jokes or blush of masculinity. Many, for example, fear the possibility of a male rapist’s counter-accusation of, “She raped me!” in response to a female survivor’s initial reporting. Again, while this is technically possible, there are a plethora of other counter accusations that can be, and often are, employed by male rapists, ranging from consensual sex to fabricated allegations.

An accusation of rape by any party must, in any court of law, be supported by proof. For women, a rape kit test can be proof enough. A male’s accusation against a woman, whether in response to a woman’s accusation or not, would be entirely more difficult to prove and a false accusation risks committing crimes of perjury and giving false statements to police.

To sum up:

  1. Indian Men and Fathers are being brutally and systematically murdered by lobby of Judiciary, Politicos, Media and Police funded by Feminist dollars. Need for Gender Neutral Laws.
  2. Stricter Punishment for people lodging false accusations.
  3. Termination of Investigative officer or Magistrate who falsely convicts or charges or frames an innocent.
  4. Change of poor hapless FEMINIST mindset. It’s an equal world 2017 AD – no reservations shall be made on basis of GENDER

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