Feminist or Sexist?

Posted by Aishwarya Dakhore
March 22, 2017

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Being a sophomore in Pune, today I encountered an experience that made me think about a term quite in trend lately – Feminism.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying? Just get up!” she yelled and all the heads in the crowded bus turned towards us.
The man beside me got startled as he wasn’t expecting something like that. With a clearly afraid look on his face, he looked at me and scanned all the others who had their eyes fixed on him.
The conductor came running and asked what was wrong.
“This man is sitting on a place reserved for ladies. And he’s not leaving it even when so many ladies don’t have places to sit.” a beautiful young lady spoke.
“Sir, just look at me. I’m an old man. I can’t even speak without trembling and this lady expects me to stand throughout the bus journey.I’m sorry but it is not possible for me.” he spoke with his shaking lips.
“And why should I believe you?I’m a working woman, I’ve worked all day long and now I’ve to travel for one hour to reach my home!You can’t expect me to travel standing after such tedious day. And that is the reason why government has given this facility for women in public transport.” she yelled.
Everyone could sense that the young lady was about to get into a heated argument.
Someone wise from the front seat got up and offered his seat to the lady. But what she did next was literally shocking!
She said to the guy”You don’t have to do this. You weren’t sitting at a woman’s place. It’s your right to sit there if you’ve won the seat.I want this man to get up and let a woman claim her right. ”

Now this was too much. For a second, I thought that this lady must be having some issues with this man.
But that man, sitting right beside me had a vulnerable look on his face now. Like he had no option left with him. He finally, however stood up.I made space for him to get out.
Within no time,the lady occupied the window seat behind me. She plugged in her earphones with a proud smirk on her face.
The man who had previously offered his seat to that lady, now offered it to the old man. She didn’t seem to notice what was happening. Neither did she care anymore I guess.

It was the first time I was travelling in a local transport bus. I wondered if this happened everyday. If rights took over justice everyday.

Feminism is in trend these days. Women are given more rights, more considerations than men now. But the problem with the term feminism is that most people, especially women, don’t really know what it means at the first place.Feminism is not about women being superior to men, it’s about women being equal to men and people need to understand this.
But today,where women like these ‘rule’ in the name of their rights and feminism, the moral justice is being suppressed. Being a woman isn’t easy, but neither is being a man in a world full of so called ‘feminists’
And the interesting thing is, even though everyone knew what happened was wrong, no-one could do anything to oppose her. Because she was claiming her very own rights.
The rights the government has planned for the justice to be done, was actually promoting injustice in all the moral senses.
They say the world needs feminism and I wonder if it really does.Because feminism is indirectly promoting sexism because of the ignorant population and that’s doing no good to anybody!

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