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Posted by Disha Thakur
March 1, 2017

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What is happiness?

If you ask me… in my opinion I feel happiness is all around us…it’s just like playing puzzle, you find it and you get the preferred picture .
For me happiness is riding my bike on the highway and the air splashing on my face.😄
Happiness is finding the right position to sleep.😴
Happiness is finding money on road.🤑💰
Happiness is finding ice cream in your fridge.🍨 (But that doesn’t last long because your sibling probably eats that every time)

Happiness is all small things that make us smile.🙌
Helping is happiness.😇
Fighting with siblings is happiness. (only if you win)😉
Free food is happiness.😍😋
Finding the correct size of dress is happiness.👗🙋

There may be tons of articles about spreading happiness and how to live life happily and productively.
(Aur aise article who log likhte hai jo bade fursat mai hote hai…kuch kaam toh nahi hoti…toh baki logo ke bhi zindagi ki waat lagate hai yeh soch kar book print karte hai #timelesspeople)

But do we really need that…Do we really need someone to tell us that how to live our lives.
It may guide us through our tough times.
But at the very end it’s only us alone who needs to take the correct step…take the accurate choice.
Our decisions frame our future.
And self realisation plays its part…it must come from within and not from a piece of writing or any other medium .

(ab self realization ke liye frustrated banda jaye toh jaye kaha…jitna pagar ho utne mai sirf Ulhasnagar tak ja sakta hai…kaha Himalaya jaye humara common man…toh kareed lete hai 100-200 ki  life lessons wali KITABE)

Everybody can find happiness…It only depends on how you react on the situations.
Well I ain’t anyone to teach you or tell you how to find happiness…
It’s only you who can do it.

You are the writers of your own story.💙
Just go with your gut feeling it won’t let you down…



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