This Inspiring Woman Overcame The Odds To Teach Underprivileged Children In Delhi

By Anindita Chakraborty:

This is the story of 24-year-old Anupam Kumari, residing in Mulla Colony, East Delhi. She is the eldest daughter in a family of five.

Even though her parents didn’t receive formal education and she belonged to a very humble family, she dreamt of doing something meaningful in her life, like helping the other children in need in her neighbourhood. She enrolled herself in a BA programme in Delhi University. But all her dreams were shattered when suddenly, due to a cardiac arrest, her father, the only earning member of the family, passed away.

Her mother was now left alone to take care of her four children, Anupam and her three school-going brothers. Being the only girl in her family, Anupam was asked to quit her studies and get married. At this time, her friend, who was working with Chintan, an environmental research and action group, introduced her to the organisation. Anupam spoke to the members there and being a bright student, she got a job as a teacher to children of waste pickers in Delhi.

She enjoyed her job a lot, since this was an opportunity to not just teach, but learn a lot herself. In her own words, “Working with Chintan has given me not only financial independence but also the freedom to choose the way I want lead my life.” Once a very shy girl, her confidence grew manifold in her job. She got a platform to explore her own potential by participating in trainings and workshops as well.

She then resumed her own education and completed her graduation in 2016. This year, she has enrolled herself in a diploma course. She is now studying as well as teaching other students. She has overcome the many problems she faced after the death of her father and with her strong willpower, she has been successful in realising her dreams.