From Childhood To Maturity

Posted by Ishika Mehta
March 6, 2017

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How can we say that our society is safe for women when his own surroundings are not safe. let me make it clear by discussing the situations I have faced while growing up.

I was just 4 years old,my parents left me with their very faithful friend as my caretaker but they were not aware that they are giving me in the hands of a creepy person. He closed my eyes with cloth and get without pants and done that act which I couldn’t define as a child I was not aware that what is happening with me.

Then it all started, I don’t know how many times he done it. It didn’t end up with that person. In the growing phase of my life I met such people in my family only. Either it would me my cousin brothers,uncle,neighbour and many more. One was very heartbreaking as a neighbor of mine who was around 12 years, 2-3 years elder than me put hands in my pants while playing games and it happens whenever we play.

I mean seriously that’s our society is growing and that’s what is future of our nation who don’t know how to respect girls and how to behave with them.

If girls are not safe in their own house than what we can expect from outsiders. It can only be changed when we start it from our family. Before telling our daughters that what they have not to do, we should tell our sons that what they should do. Then only we can expect that our society is improving.

Then only we can get a better nation.

Thank you for your attention.

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