Posted by Debkanya Basu
March 14, 2017

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Being a Journalist in making, I have been travelling to quite a few places within India. Also, I got chance to mingle with different types of people. On one hand, it is interesting to know people of diversity, on the other hand, it is equally heart breaking to see many people’s persisting mentality.

While I was In Indore for two months, interning for a reputed print media house, I met people who were extremely knowledgeable. They could talk and debate on any issue. This place gave me good work, atmosphere and exposure to my career. Being a Journalist in making I had learnt a beautiful issue to write on. Homosexuality. Very excitedly, I went up to a very senior Journaist who would help me publish the story. As an intern, I  thought my story would make them happy. Sadly enough, when I sat to talk to him about my story he was infuriated. And what he told me next was more shocking.

He said, homosexuality is not our culture. This is not USA. And, this is not what India should potray. Having a partner of your own choice, initially, was not acceptable. We adjusted to that because it’s a natural way of life. But, homosexuality is not. You expect our newspaper to give out this kind of message to our audience?

Journalism, I knew, comprised of people of really broad mind. And, then there was this. I have began to question myself, where is my future, the career I had dreamt of is heading to?Why can’t people accept choices and let everyone be free? When will my country wake up? When will my people be free?

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