Watch: A Lt. General Shares What 40 Years In The Army Have Been Like

Posted by Harsh Vardhan Singh in Society, Video
March 15, 2017

Lieutenant General JP Nehra is an experienced soldier who has served the Indian Army for over 40 years. Being accomplished as a soldier is not just about going through an act of heroism when the duty demands. It is also about the efforts one puts in.

In this episode, you can watch the glorious journey of Lieutenant General JP Nehra (ex-Deputy Army Chief, Madras Regiment). He sums up every experience which a soldier can ever dream of, from serving in hostile areas, to children welfare and environment protection, and from commanding foreign troops in the war-torn Middle-East at a UN peacekeeping mission to ultimately retiring with a vision for the country. His dedication to do his best in all kinds of situations is an example for people to learn from.

This episode is part of “Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage”, an ambitious web series by Paper Weight Entertainment, inspired by the lives that soldiers and their families lead. The series also focusses on what makes soldiers stand out and what gives them the courage to keep on living even after the harsh situations they face during their service for the country. It also portrays how those who join the armed forces at a very young age grow and imbibe certain principles in life that sets them apart from the others.

You can watch the “Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage” series here.