” Girls Powered By Boys? Or A Joke Of The Moment: Alok Choudhary

March 26, 2017

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All my life, I,ve  been  told  and  taught  that  girls  are  dependent  on  boys. At the  childhood days, girls are considered to  be  dependent  on  boys  in  the  form  of  her  father,  brother, etc.  When she  grow up  and  get  married,  she  is  considered  to  depend  on  her  husband.  The  word  “Dependent”  always  keeps hunting  girls  throughout  her  life. Are  she  really  born  to  stay  dependent  on  others ? or  its a  way  to  keep  the  dominance  of  Men,s   community. Perhaps,  being  a  boy  i am  overly  independent and  my  views may make  boys  feel  bad.   Whenever  i  see  girls  acting  weakly and  whiny,  i  get annoyed . Why  we  consider  a girl  as  weak  gender and  that  too in a  culture  where  we  pray  goddess  Durga  as  a  “sign” of   strength.  I’ve  met  girls  that  make  their male  friends carry their objects because “it’s too heavy”, asking friends for favors in their ‘cute’ baby voices in every manual aspect without even lifting a finger to see if they themselves can manage it.


(pic from a movie)

This  perception  among  girls  will  only  generate  a sense  of  her  weakness in  society. So,  this  must  be  stooped  from  the  bottom  level. Men and Women are equal -enough said. Women can do practically everything men can do, and it’s sexist and chauvinistic to think otherwise. Women should in no way have to serve men, and men should in no way have to serve women. It should be a partnership between both genders.  Girls,  let  me  tell  you.  Being  a  girl  does  not  give  you  excuse  to  ask  everyone  to  do everything  for  you. And  men  should  also  get  it  clear  that  girls  are  not  meant  to  be  a servant  for  men  or  boys. In  an  era,  when  girls  can  fly  to  moon,  then  how  the  men  society  can  even  think  that they  are  dependable on  boys  or  men. There  is  literally  no evidence to support this idea that men are superior to women. It is an outdated way of thinking from when people used intelligent design to justify misogyny. Girls  are just as capable of every job a  boy can do. And  there are a few things girl can do that  boy  cannot,  such  as have  children, which is the thing that keeps our species going and somehow we are supposed to accept that we are not the equals of men. I am not going to be cynic here and say that the world is  filled with terrible people. But I will be realistic and say that if you choose to depict yourself as a fragile individual that cannot protect yourself, then you cannot expect others not to take  advantage  of  it. So,  boys  or  men  should  delete  such  things  from  there  memory  that  girls  are  born  to  serve  them  or  they  are  dependent  to  them  but  girls  should  also  try  to  know  her  strength  and  stop  giving  boys  a  chance  to  dominate  them  in  terms  of  strength.  Being  a  male  author, i am  not  against  independence but  only  against  dependence.

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