Give Yourself The Gift Of Time!

Posted by Madhulika Rawal
March 6, 2017

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The festive season is here and just like we wait with bated breath for a visiting relative to unpack and reveal our gifts, we eagerly look forward for the festive season to unfold  and fill our lives with positivity, cheer, warmth and tranquility. However, contrary to expectations, it turns into an ordeal as we frantically compare prices, offers to get the best possible value on the gifts we intend to give our loved ones.

But amidst all the receiving and giving gifts, we forget to give the most important gift, ’time’! Especially, to ourselves! If time was equivalent to money, we only spare some loose change for ourselves! We run our lives in a hurried manner. Life is about living not running! Our conscience is yearning for our own attention.

So hit the pause button! Instead of gobbling down food, savor every bite. Take a walk without headphones or phones. Breathe in the cool festive breeze and bask in the pleasing mellow sunlight. Book a table for one and enjoy your own company. Learn something you always wanted to which got lost under a pile of worldly things we are supposed  to do and most importantly sleep a little more to give yourself a kick-start much better than coffee. It will surely be more satisfying and rewarding than any other gadget or dress.

In the words of Susan Gale, “The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of time and attention.” 

This festive season, let that someone be ‘you’!


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