God owns our life, it’s he who decides everyone’s faith

Posted by mirah zamin
March 16, 2017

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I started working when I was 13 and by 15 years of age I had already learned driving by observing one of my uncles who drove a tempo said Ajay Singh a tractor driver by profession.  With odd working hours and travelling around and even covering large distances Ajay has no family life of his own. While talking about his family, he mentioned about his brother and his children and when asked about his wife and children he simply said “in youth days I had no time and now I am too old to think of marriage”.

The salary I earn, a large part of it is gone to my brother’s family as my brother is bed ridden due to an accident he met with in 2010. He use to work in Punjab as a truck driver and was very good at his work but as faith as it on a foggy night in December of 2010 his truck was crushed by another truck the driver of which was heavenly drunk, everybody ran away even the helper who was with my brother in the truck just went away like that leaving him to die but then “marna jeena sab bhagwan ke haato hai”. He survived the fatal accident but then we had no money for his proper treatment he had no saving of his own and all my savings went in hospital bills and medicine.

I am a very religious person and my day only starts with the morning Aarti . For me it’s like God owns our life and it’s he who decides everyone’s faith. While we were young my father married another women who was from the lower strata of the society and my mother left us and went away but I never blamed anyone for it because by doing so it will just bring me pain and discomfort.

Talking of my niece and nephew, they have these sparkling eyes which create magic. I want them to become something but there mother is a very ignorant lady who just doesn’t want the children to go to school or it can be said that she is not bothered , she thinks it will be better if his son starts earning young but I am totally against this, I know what I have missed in my life and I don’t want any other member of my life to go through it. Sudha, her name is Sudha because she comes from a very secluded village , for her living here in the city has not been easy plus with her husband being bedridden she keeps on creating scenes in the mohalla we live in.

It is not easy to deliver goods on time because of this bridge being built here in Matayari, for hours the traffic stand still and with rain pouring the situation is at its worst. “Par agar maine time se saman nahi pauchaya kisi bhi karanvarsh toh pehle toh baate suno fir paise ka rona ro ya intezaar karo” . People don’t make payment easily, they keep on dragging or delaying it but at the same time they want the services to be on time. I am just coming from making a delivery of sand , a house is being constructed here at Dayal Residency and the lady who was there was so cruel and rude that she called the shop’s manager and told him that firstly I came in late for the delivery and secondly that I was misbehaving with her on the matters of payment.

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