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Gurmehar Case

Posted by Mahesh Kumar Rathi
March 4, 2017

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The Nation should wake up

If the Modi govt . allows the Gurmehar rape threat men to get  away scot free, it is an open invitation for further trouble for the women n girls of  our nation

I ask you all  –  one simple question…….

If anybody had made a similar rape threat to your OWN daughter, would YOU have kept  quiet ?<

Here the Senior home minister fails to scold his deputy . He doesn’t act  further emboldening  the trollers. This from Rajnath Singh the home minister of the country.

The defence minister fails to defend a soldiers daughter.

The prime minister, fails to make even ONE statement. He tweets on everything under the sun and yet not one tweet on the need to safeguard the young girl n respect her .

Which just shows, he approved of what happened ! Maunam svekriti lakshnam.

Till date he has not said a word to the MP who equated Gurmehar with Dawood !

Or asked his deputies to act.

And we expect this man to lead India into worlds foremost nation in  the 21st century ?
Mungeri lal ke haseen sapne……..

And worst of all….the  media  here  , day in and day out only debating intolerance and if nothing else is left in the country .

Nobody in the media, in the past one week  found the need to ask  one simple question….Why have we not put this man who issued the rape threats behind bars  ?

Why is there not a single public spirited lawyer in the country to take up her case ? Not  ONE.

Why is the Supreme Court not acting suo motto ? It doesn’t seem -it is fit case to act.. Search me.
We lack spine.Thats it.

Gurmehar  was right. She had very aptly stated in one of her placards…We can never dream of being a first world country …..

with third world leadership.

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