Hakuna Matata : No worries!

Posted by Gargi Batabyal
March 1, 2017

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It was the time when animations to the screens were in manner of 2D projections and channels like Disney were still a luxury for many. It was in 1994 that Lion King one of the best productions by the Walt Disney Productions came in. Based on an African forestland background this tale was going to be the saga that would later entertain kids to 80 year olds.

Life is journey-all wise men with good wit and humor have spitted out the words since time immemorial. But when it comes to children who have not yet seen the hook nooks of life: this myth of Simba: the lion in African languages is a heroic deed which is to inspire and always is a message of perspiration to the kids of 90’s era. In this tale of life: there is a pride of lions staying at the pride rock: their den with harmonious relation with other animals. The ruler is Mufasa; the lion king who’s as popular among his friends is a hero to his son Simba. But time doesn’t remain to be same: with hurdles on the way and conspiracies hatched by Scar: brother of Mufasa who is lazy enough to take a roll but is beaming with vengeance for acclaiming the throne.

Eagerly waiting to be a king enabling him to do anything, Simba often is found with his friend Nala at the outland dealing with Hyenas. A doting Father with him and a lovable partner with him, Simba’s life is the one anyone would love to lead. But the life is not to slumber and slouch upon. So as Scar makes a conspiracy and spills the murder of Mufasa to Simba. The urchin has no other way but leave the Pride Rocks and leave the hyenas make it their La La Land. Simba is the murderer who has rocked the lullaby of war between his mother Sarabi who has vowed to protect the decorum which Mufasa wanted and Scar who after his long wanted vengeance has lost all control.

 Days pass as Simba and his team of Hakuna Matata: the team of “no worries”: Timon the meerkat and Pumba the beef all rogues join to a free land eating slugs and making it their home. But Nala turns up with news: Simba in love now with her realizes his father’s words “remember who you are” so leaps through the meadows of sand returning to the Pride Rocks. He finds the situation bad and takes the reins in his hands defeating Scar and revealing the truth behind Mufasa’s death.

Simba is sworn in as the new king and the monkey sings to the new lullaby as Simba and Nala’s child is born. The movie is filmed much before technology threw light into the art of animation. So the apprentice of animation here is a bliss to watch with Hans Zimmer grooving your seat with the music be it nomadic Africa or the romantic makeover to the language. The inner being of a person is dark enough for him to recognize his own self. But as soon as he does so, the life takes a topsy-turvy makeover. The powerful man is in fists the more he is with wits. So when the mouthful of wise words sets in with harmony in relationships: every one becomes the king. The antelope to the giant Elephant- we all are one.

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