Happy​ Holi! (really?)

Posted by Riya Kumari
March 16, 2017

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Happy Holi!

Actually I really don’t know why I had to put happy before holi. Is this so called Happy Holi really happy for every one ?

I think not so.

Everyone becomes excited before holi. But some people become more excited than others. Because they would be able to play holi and have “fun”. And no one can stop them from “having fun” because, c’mon it’s holi!

Bura na mano holi hai.

But hum kyu na mane bura? Hum bura manenge!

All those people out there who really think it’s okay to harass women in the  name of holi should really think again. It may be “fun” for them but not for the women who feel so humiliated that some don’t even want to come out of their house during holi.

You must be thinking that I am writing the same old stuff that’s been written umpteenth number of times before.But I don’t care if I am writing about the same old stuff till the time when there’s no need to write it any more.

I am writing it because for the first time in my life I’ve felt it. What it means to be a woman in this “men’s world”.

It so happened that after playing holi I was going to buy some shampoo (they have to get finished just a day before holi! urghhh!!!). I was tired. And on top of that each and every shop was closed. While I was coming back a group of boys were standing on the road, probably playing holi it seemed from their clothes. And as I passed someone threw a water balloon on me. I don’t know if it is okay to throw water balloons on strangers but personally I didn’t like it. I looked behind. No one! they were probably hiding behind the cars. I ignored them and continued walking. And again a water balloon came flying towards me from behind. This time my temper rose. I looked behind and paused for a second. Still no one! I sweared at that moment that if they​ threw another balloon at me I would pick up a stone and throw it at their face. In the name of holi. I continued walking. And there it came, another balloon. I turned back and stared for 5seconds. But I couldn’t gather enough courage to go and face them. And throw a stone at them as I had promised myself moments ago. I was far too much afraid. I was alone. They were many.

Last Independence day I had promised myself to stand against any injustice or any immoral thing. But I didn’t keep my promise. I couldn’t keep my promise. Once again in this men’s world men win!

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