Happy Birthday My love, posted Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s wife

Posted by mirah zamin
March 9, 2017

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Happy Birthday My love, posted Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s wife

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a name not in news for his achievements but because of becoming a victim to atrocities present in today’s world. The man was shot dead by an American in a Kansas City bar and since then Indian all around the world ask for justice to be delivered by the ‘Trump-like’ rule.

Srinivas was shot dead on 22 February by Adam Purinton, who allegedly yelled “terrorist” and “get out of my country” as he opened fire. Srinivas’ colleague Alok Madasani was also injured in the attack.

Purinton faces one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in connection with the shooting.

The FBI is also helping gather evidence in the shooting because Kansas does not have a hate crime statute. If their agents can prove Purinton’s alleged actions constitute a hate crime, he could face federal charges that could potentially carry the death penalty.

The man would have celebrated his 33rd birthday on March 9, had he not brutally murdered by someone who felt Indians have taken the land of America. His wife Sunayana Dumala posted a heartfelt message to him on Facebook, and sent out a courageous message to the world, in a hope that it reaches the other side. After the unfortunate incident, this was the second time Sunayana took to facebook to sent out her message.

The Message read:

Happy Birthday My love 😘🎂🎉!!! It feels weird to wish you this way. Missing you a lot. Hoping you are celebrating and having fun in your new abode surrounded by wonderful things and people, with only love around.

Lots of love 😘😘😍😍

In the growing era of technology the most degraded creatures of the universe remains the ‘Human’. With all the peace talk around the corner, the victims of atrocities are given justice after they and their family has lost everything. Take the case of Rohinth Vemula or Aklaq who was lynched or anyone who has been a victim of hate and bullet or social discrimination. Muslims around the world are treated as terrorist, Hindus are treated as vermillion bands and Muslims haters. Why is it so that one religion, nationality, color and creed becomes more important than humans and humanity.

We are living in an age where terror and peace go hand in hand, we talk about both but do nothing about both. False promises, many debates and unaccountable victims that also we have around us.






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