“happy International Women Day” I, Women, Religion And Society…

Posted by Akash Kumar
March 8, 2017

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I am ashamed being called a Hindu or a man if it’s representing my mother is lower than my father, my sister in the feet of her husband and my wife as a Ghunghat wali naari. If I need my own space, if I have right to move anywhere so does my mother, sister, and wife. If I am allowed to drink in a bar and at family functions so do other women in my society. Preventing them from saying “Aurat Ghar ki Izzat Hoti hai” (Women are the honor of the house) from these activities and encouraging male ones to rule the izzat is something we lack in understand our own existence. Celebrating Holi in Hindu tradition where bhauji sees as object or Mazak (JOKE) but a girl with her lover cannot be in the park on Valentine’s Day.

Do we really in need to be controlled and recognized by the Hindu extremism, where a certain set of people will decide what to do or what to not do, to women,? So-called Hindu culture where girls are not allowed to go outside. A wife should be Pativrata (faithful to husband) but not a husband should be Patnivrata (faithful to wife). How shall I define the goddess Durga and Kali? The symbol of women empowerment actually under the man’s feet?

Do our women have only the right to just being pregnant or taking care of babies and family?

If that is the case why do we pray to goddess Durga’s idol in her very thini and short sarees? Where does the izzat of the goddess go?

Why just celebrate one day for a mother or a sister or for all women in our lives, when they celebrate your presence every day. Putting women in the “bucket of culture/honor” and ruling her like a king, I don’t think is making India or a religion great.

Killing girl fetus in her womb and celebrating the birth of a boy child from the same womb for me it’s like only my father has given me birth. I am the product of my father stomach, not my mother’s womb.

Does a mother only celebrate her child one day, or a sister to love her brother only one day or a girl to appreciate her boyfriend and lover one day?

No…. It’s the universal feeling which everyone has every day but the societal norms and the socialization force that man to become a man and show his masculinity. Really shame on me and my society to create such environment. It is not an honor to being masculine after forcing the woman to your feet.

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