Have A Voice.

Posted by Damini Sethi
March 3, 2017

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What is Freedom? How can you say our country gives us the freedom of speech, if it does why are women so afraid to say what they want to, why is that she feels scared that if she put out her opinions, something bad will happen to her, Is this the society we would want our children to be a part of, people are feminist today, yet why does a women feel scared whether she is sitting safely at home and is active on a social site or she is travelling in a metro.

When can people say that she is safe? When will that time come when the parents will allow us to go out at 10pm in the night without a fear in their heart?

When will the day come when a girl won’t turn around while walking on the street at night?

Even if something happens to her, why is she asked to shut up? The people or the orthodox minds can’t bear the threat of a opinionated women, they need to shut her up and that’s where the weapon of destroying her dignity comes in, The words like a civilised conversation doesn’t ring a bell in their heads. We need to understand that there is a certain way of reacting towards something, if you want to put your views, pick up a pen, not a stick and it can be assured that you will be heard more loud and clear.

Don’t silence someone just because you have different beliefs, they are not harming your values and we all need to stop taking things personally.


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