His Plea For Peace Is A Reality Check That Will Shake You Up!

Posted by Simar Singh
March 20, 2017

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What happens when an inanimate object starts speaking to you?

You get scared or you think it is a dream, or maybe you’ll think it is a prank, but this is neither a dream nor a prank, this is reality.

A reality which we faced in 1947, that got repeated in 1975, then in 1984, 1993, 2002, 2014 and keeps repeating itself now on a daily basis. This is the reality of a murder. The Murder of Peace.

A Plea For Peace by Navaldeep Singh is a poem uploaded by UnErase Poetry which highlights the hypocrisy of people who proudly speak about their love and respect for the national flag but during riots or protests the same people have just their agendas in mind, completely disrespecting the national symbol.

Through the poem, 20 year old, Naval, talks about the three colours present in the tricolour and what they truly symbolise, he says,

“Ek Rang Aman Ka Bhi Shaamil Hai, Mere Inn Teen Rango Mein”

Watch the poem here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0wOBA-PY6k

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