How Demonetization Has Affected Our Lives?

Posted by Sikandar Kumar
March 15, 2017

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Today as I woke up my friend told me to attend an interview  at Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road location , As there was vacancy for the  job, sorry  i can’t mention the company name, so I was very excited to go there to attend the interview as it was good opportunity for me to get into the job so we both got ready to leave  our pg for the interview but the real problem was not the interview not even the money but not having cash in our hand ,firstly we were fully confident about cash in atm machine as there are 4 atm machine near by our pg but when we get into the real scenario we found that there is no money in the atm machine so we moved next atm machine ,And there  also we got nothing on the name of money ,like wise we checked all the four atm machine having result zero .  finally we got and idea that we can get there by making digital payment to the bus conductor as they must be having swiping machine or paytm as these service is run by the government and government is promoting digital India ,so we get there at bus stop and ask from them bhaiya do you accept money from atm card through swiping or paytm, he directly told no to us so we envisaged  to move ahead and look for another atm and   rather arguing him who is just an employee and nothing to do with with as we is doing every thing under someone instruction so we started looking for other atm machine with a hope of getting money from that so in this process we checked 25 atm machine having result zero and in this process we walked approx 18 km by foot as the interview conducting location was 23 km from our pg ,so finally we didn’t get there as it was too late while searching for the atm machine for cash ,same type of incident took place before 4 days when one of my friend had ordered for the mobile and he had no cash in his hand he ask from delivery boy to make payment in digital form but he refused to do so by saying our company don’t allow for digital payment, it is taking cash only so now I wan’t to ask from the government for whom they are making digital India ,what step they are taking to make India digital ,At one side they are encouraging the normal people and poor people to make digital payment and at the other side they are not taking any step to make government service to accept digital payment and not even forcing to the big organisation like in the case of my friend for mobile order,so my suggestion to the government is first start accepting digital money in all the government services like in bus, railways and other section that is in government services and force big organisation to take payment in digital form and simultaneously encourage the people but don’t force them by not making money available in atm machine just make your side strong and them educate the people for it, Do not distress them unnecessarily.

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