How Hanging Out With Female Friends Changed My Perspective In Life

Posted by Arunchandra c in Society
March 9, 2017

For the longest time in my life, I held on to the idea that guys and girls cannot be best friends. There was obviously something wrong with me, some type of dependence, a lack of self-esteem, some need for acceptance but really I think this whole thing happened because of the fact that I was taught at a young age that guys and girls couldn’t be friends or maybe, it’s the crap Bollywood teaches us.

Every guy has bros. But not every guy has a girl best friend. If you’re one of the lucky few to have one, then I congratulate you. And if you still don’t have one, then go out there and make one because frankly, it is awesome. Most guys are embarrassed to say that a girl is just his friend or to even get that close to a girl. Most often, you can see that his peers mock him a lot for being ‘friendzoned’.

During post graduation, when I started hanging out with girls, it helped me a lot in changing my perspective and pre-conceived notions. I used to be guy who used to play with girls during childhood, most cousins and their friends. I don’t know when things changed for me.

I come from a place which calls itself to 100% literate, where I had school seniors telling me that girls enjoy being stalked, followed and have comments passed at them while they walk on the road. I know that I am not perfect. I was not someone I have turned out to be, and that was okay for me, because I had to be what my peers wanted me to be.

When I moved out the state for graduation and post-graduation, that’s when life changed for me. There were only 11 boys in a class of 53, so I ended up hanging out with girls more. It came as a surprise. And might I add that it was a nice surprise. One that would keep on benefiting for my whole life.

You can’t talk about emotions with guys and you can’t share all your secrets with your girlfriend, but with a girl best friend, you can share everything in the world. As a general saying goes, guys don’t like talking about their personal issues with other guys, it is rare for a group of guys to sit and discuss about such issues.

The kind of friendship I developed of lot of girls in my college changed my whole perspective on relationships and has made dating different for me in many ways. A girl best friend is something every guy needs. I must say that she can help you and relationship advice better than your guy friends. She can help you deal with your emotions.

It will not only change your life but will aid you in being able to know and understand things around in a better way.