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Humanism Race

Posted by Joyeeta Talukdar
March 29, 2017

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Amidst the scorching heat of April somewhere amidst Pedda dokulapadu, a village of Seemandhra I saw a crow flying for its life in the sky cawing in pain. I searched trying to strain my eyes in the burning sun what was its cause of crying in such distress. I could see that an eagle was trying to attack it with all its power. Flying with its giant wings ready to swap away the crow at one go, it flew chasing the poor thing over and over again.  How I wished to help the crow who might have been  nibbling secretly the prey of the eagle. But it was of no help. An eagle is known to be the one who is determined to do what it once thinks whether good or bad so it’s always told to us, “have eagle’s eyes”.  This scene somewhere resembled the present turbulent situation all over the world. The fastness of eagle along with it’s strength is always appreciated and same is the case where the poorer are being snatched homeless by the stronger. Everyone is demanding their own land, own place to reside but what about the immigrants then? They are still being treated as the people of the third world and being threatened all over the world to go away to their own land.

Which land? Their ancestors had come to the land as immigrants and not they. Thousands of people are dying in every country almost every day in the fight of “Survival of the fittest”. Everyday some militant group is killing the other party just like children play with toys. Life has just become a gamble of surviving through this worse. Not only in India but all over the whole world everyone is surviving to keep ones identity alive. Should one only be confined to ones state or territory to represent it?

The crow builds its own nest with all hardships and the kakoo that make merry all spring around and don’t care build their nests just comes and throws away the eggs of the crow and lay their own eggs and enjoy their progeny growing. I guess it’s the fault of the crow somewhere that represent the immigrants but then what was the fault of the eggs then that are being unknowingly killed without any reason.  Children are starving all around the world. Malnutrition is increasing day by day and here we are fighting for a piece of land like the eagle and crow. What if someday the fleet of crow attacks the daredevil sole eagle?   Even if thousands of crows are killed by the eagle but it will also meet the same fate. Betrayal and hatred has filled everywhere. Blood is what everyone is looking for, just like the vampires world. Innocent children who have no idea what hatred is are used as suicidal weapons for their rivals to die.

Education and technology has increased and advanced in every aspects of life but heart rendering is that the beneficiary of it has excluded the humanity within us. “An eye for an eye” is what we all are looking for. Not ready to compromise a bit. Then somewhere are we not proving ourselves to be the “Civilized Animals” who have everything but still want to snatch more from the ones feebler or weaker from us.

Children are losing their sweetness, their childhood, and are turning to directly grown up men and women who need to defend their originality of their birth right. They are being molded into puppet time-bombs ready to be exploded anywhere where their superior feels like. And what is their gift- death and only death. Have we ever thought about it? We have turned so selfish that it’s our encircled world which we think about and are least bothered about what is going in and around us, of course until and unless it happens to us. We have turned ourselves to be the mice that are happy and content with itself only–not thinking about the nearby one. But if we don’t get anything then we rebel. While working in the mice laboratory I have witnessed where a female mice eats its own pups when it’s hungry. Watching them I always think somewhere we too represent them, ready to cut down our own humanism race for ones survival.

The want is more and the helping hand for this humanity race to survive is least. But once one starts thinking about this humanity they are either demoralized or are gusted off to death for the Eagle to survive, for the orthodoxy of religion, race and color to survive.

Crows represent the billion of humanity who want to survive their daily livelihood in peace but somewhere they want to break free the shackles of this dominance burden and live in a society where they can breathe in equality, peace and self-contentment.

Hope this shall happen someday when the eagle and group of crows shall nibble their food together, live in peace together. But if this doesn’t happen then the race for ‘survival of the fittest’ shall continue to swarm up where each group shall repress the other by shredding off blood with violence. The cycle will continue, tearing and reckless until and unless the whole humanism race gets extinguished someday.

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