“HushhhDon’t Talk about It”- It’s Sex

Posted by Joyeeta Talukdar
March 4, 2017

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A simple conversation but Hushhhh its Sex.

“Did you ever have a boyfriend?”



“Didn’t really find one with whom my radars of thoughts match”.

“Really, why are you homosexual. You survive to stay with your bestie for 12 long years.”



“Just because never felt like need to be in a relationship”.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Questionable, muhhhh scientifically No” (Read More about it in this write-up   http://www.womensweb.in/2016/03/virginity-shouldnt-be-an-issue-anymore/

“Ohh hooked up with someone, just like one night stand, Wild Huhhh”.

“Assume what you feel like doesn’t matter to be”.

“Hey, don’t talk about it to others not good, they shall think you are ……..”

“Complete the sentence. A sex worker????Why??? shouldn’t I talk, it’s my life”

“Your lives of course, but you need to keep your good girl image going for your marriage purpose”.

“Ohh Really we shouldn’t talk about sex. BBut is this not we have freedom of speech here or it’s the free-dome to talk what one good wants to hear from me and not what I want t say without speaking low about others. Just expressing my views???”.

“No, I like the way you talk about sex but then people might bitch at your back”.

Kuch to log kahenge logo kaam hai kehna”.

“One more thing, I would love to get hooked with you but no commitments for life please”.

“Hey I really am not interested in having sex with you though; talking about it is a different issue. Don’t mix things up. It depends on hormones”.

“We thought we are talking because we both wanted it”.

“Nops, I am not a teenager and you ain’t my teenage crush. I like you and so thought of speaking my mind with you”.

“Cool then”.

“In India we worship the symbol of sex (Shiva Linga) but cannot talk about sex in public, why?”

“Because, we need to keep out good wala character flowing for the marriage wala thing?”

“Marriage is all about pomp’s and show where you declare about having sex in the very first night, then expect a baby within months and then literally not having sex at all and get frustrated. 80% of Indian population is based on this sick”.

“Yes, true of its kind”.

“I dare not say the truth but let us talk about sex because it’s all hormones and let go the frustration, because survey shows that maximum of porn are being watched here in the Developing countries and India is being one of them. This wouldn’t have happened if we can just take it as a casual part of life and not veil it as one of the darkest secrets”.

“Surely, this will change but it shall take some time”.

“Cheers to that quote of yours, Rahen na rahen hum , Let there be freedom of speech to speak about the lows and highs and problems of Sex life without concealing it within oneself and getting depressed and frustrated. Better resolve the problems and lessen them”.

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