I Am A Woman

Posted by Sookriti Mishra
March 3, 2017

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I am a Woman, a beautiful creation of God. I am not a Feminist. I am a human being.

I have perfectly functioning receptor serving my body 24*7. Needless to say, they give me inputs and will be giving me until my heart beats and I do not like it when you stare at me, wink and pout seeing me, stalk every inch of my body like a hungry vulture or eagle. I feel suffocated when you smile judging my clothes and whistle with other men while I pass by. The nightmares of being harassed have left me with nights full of terror because of all the sexist comments you pass on me.

I do not like it when you make nasty comments about my genitals. I do not make fun of your shape, size and colour, so please do not do the same to me. When I can understand the fact that no living being has any contribution in the shape, size and colour it is born with, then why can’t you be that comprehending.

I do not appreciate the extra care you shower on me by caging and confining me in the shackles that so called civilized fraternity has created. I do not appreciate the reservations in the field of academics, job, and even buses in the name of empowerment. I already am empowered, for your kind information. It is hard for me to digest that you choose a male to lead a team over me and the only reason that I can decipher is my gender. I see deep rooted ego issues. I do not need your constant validations in each and every stage of my personal and professional life, so please do not try and act judge for every single thing I do and I don’t.

In every session of parliament, the ministers mull about the upliftment of women. It really amazes me that the only solution you come up with, after all that brainstorming and desk beating is quota. Please enlighten me how is it going to help the woman who is uneducated, woman who is under a constant pressure to prove herself equivalent to a man, women who is molested, maligned, throttled and burned to death, or a foetus who is killed inside or after coming out of the womb having being discovered FEMALE. I ridicule your competence because quota to me sounds more like failure of Government. It’s more like you proving that before the quota existed, women were under the supremacy of men.

I beg you to read the tales of those famous women who have had fought for the independence of our country, who have designed their own pathway from the prison you created to the outer space, who brought laurels to our country in the field of arts, humanities, sports, music, drama, etc.

The best you can do for my well being is, stop dictating the plethora of limitations. I am a human being just like you and my brain is designed enough to take decisions that benefits me. I may not be muscular enough to thump you down, but I know how and where to hit to make you cry to death and beg for mercy. And then you will understand why storms are named after people. Moreover, female named storms have historically killed and destroyed more.


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