As A Working Daughter Of A Working Mother, I’m Definitely Not A ‘Puppy’

Posted by Medha Chowdhury
March 12, 2017

Dear Mira Rajput, if tabloids are to be believed, we are roughly the same age. While you have decided to stay at home and raise your child, I have chosen to work now and perhaps procreate later. We both seem pretty happy with our choices.

However, your recent comments on working mothers make me feel that you may not know much about them. Being blessed with a working mother myself, I feel I am best suited to tell you that they are no different from you.
The first thing they do after coming back from office is gathering their children in their arms and asking them about their day. Weekends are filled with impromptu trips to the amusement parks and vacations are the best.

They never miss out on parent-teachers’ meetings, quietly defending us against our long list of complaints or dance recitals, applauding embarrassingly loud and telling anyone in ten-mile radius that the girl onstage, is her daughter.
The visit to the dentist is slightly less scary because their fingers are wrapped around ours just as tight as yours would be. First party dress, pink lipstick, pair of heels is just as fun to shop with a working mother. They keep our secrets just as well and guard us with the same mien of a Lioness.

We cannot glorify one side of feminity by bringing down the other. A mother is a mother, whether she is a homemaker, an IT professional, an Olympic athlete or a badass bike rider. The only way for women to go forward is by celebrating all.

That said, I wish you all the best as you raise your child, overcoming all the hardships that young parents face.  However, do remember to read up a few facts before you comment next time because you see, I, as a proud working daughter of a working mother, am definitely not a puppy.