I Never Knew Loving Me Would Become A Crime!

Posted by M D
March 18, 2017

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Best friends! That’s what we were are!
Supporting each other through the ups and downs of each others life,helping to solve all problems,thats how we went on. We were that sort of friends who could understand each other’s silence.
Time passed and we realised that the bond we shared was way more special than we had ever thought. The struggle to restrain the feelings or restrict the relation to friendship were all in vain and we found ourselves entangled in love.

Ah! It was such a blessing and I was so glad to have found him. Without him, the journey of my life would have been incomplete.
How long does happiness last? How long is it till the clouds of darkness covers the bright sun?

Well…..not long!

Two feet away from each other and yet miles apart! Craving to talk,to laugh,to live with each other and yet….

He was attacked. Beaten. Humiliated.

Oh! I forgot to mention.
He is a Muslim. I am a Hindu.
Perhaps that explains the violence.
Well, for them,it did.

Who are these people? Why are they suddenly so concerned about my life?
Who gave these self-proclaimed “saviors” the right to dictate my life? What is this bajrang dal?
Why do they need to harass us to convince themselves that they are doing a great job and their pathetic lives are actually worth-living?? Isn’t that an extremely cheap way of “social service”??

“It doesn’t work like this.”,he says.
“They think it will separate us? why do they want to separate us?”

Was loving me a crime? Why did he have to go through this,without any fault of his?

His cracked voice after the attack,his torn,blood stained shirt, his swollen up face, everything haunts me each and every moment.

“What proof did they have? Why was he attacked?”,I cry.

But no one has the answer. No one to speak against this hooliganism.

Its suffocating and terrifying. We are not safe in our own place were we grew up! Why couldn’t anyone help him and not remain as a mute spectator to his attack,that too in the heart of the town?
No lips moved.
No fingers dialed to call for help.
No hands came up for support.
That’s extremely depressing.
I feel helpless. I can’t bear to even look at him now, lest it brings some more trouble for him.
He has nightmares. So do I.

I am scared. I tell him not to step out alone,in his own little town. I walk on streets with constant fear, shivering with the roaring of every bike behind me. Anyone may attack me or him.
Known or unknown, nobody seems trustworthy anymore.

So many issues are there.
Female foeticide,child marriage,eve teasing etc. and the list of crime goes on.
They choose to be silent.

Isn’t it amazing how they can turn a blind eye to all other social problems but becomes so much “cultured” the moment they see an interfaith couple or once 14 Feb comes? Ah! Valentine’s day is not our culture but thrashing people certainly is! How wonderful!

Thousands of social problems and all they care about is the religion of the person I want to spend my life with?? Really amazing!

Aren’t there families (practicing same faith) where some or the other kind of crime goes on? Why don’t they deal with those issues too? Don’t they deserve your attention because there aren’t any “people of other religion” involved?
You think he will harm me,right? Because he is a Muslim?
Well,anyways thanks for the concern. You have every right to make me aware of what type of problems I may need to face BUT you should know that you CANNOT take my decisions or harm him.

Their audacity enrages me. To think that they attacked someone just to quench their thirst of being a “social worker” disgusts me.
Such violence can never be justified.
I have known him for long and can guarantee that he is gentle enough not to deserve such a behaviour. So why should we suffer because of the opinions of some random people??
What should we do?

I don’t know what good this article would do. But I can’t do anything else. I can’t find solace anywhere. Now, I can’t even trust anyone enough to share it,without creating some more problem. That’s way I am writing. Because this painful silence is too hard to bear.

P.S- I don’t mean to support or insult any religion. Every religion/community has both good and bad people. But to dislike someone just because they belong to a particular
religion is shameful.

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