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March 16, 2017

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In Criminal Law, Blackstone formulation principle states“. It is better that Ten guilty persons escape rather than one Innocent suffer.” It is a principle followed under criminal jurisprudence the world over”.

India is an exception to that as greedy 21st century Modern Indian women are busy misusing laws and rampantly breaking families aided by FEMINAZIS “Yes I will like to call them so as they neither advocate about Gender Equality but on the contrary spreading hatred and Gender superiority breaking Indian Family system funded by dollars from outside nor they are truly concerned about plight of rural women”. These FEMINAZIS are aided by powerful echelons spread across Media, Politicians, Judiciary, and Police who are benefactors and pride themselves as saviours who in reality are butchers of Indian Family system and innocent men and fathers.

It is New kind of Legal Terrorism India is witnessing with laws totally favouring women who are misusing them rampantly.

Time has come for courts to deal firmly with women are filing false rape complaints as they are tormentors warranting punishment, a Delhi court has said recently

False rape cases makes the crime graph shoot up, play havoc with the crime statistics and tend to trivialize the offence of rape and, “no sooner that the news of a person having been accused of rape spreads in the society, he is looked down upon by all and sundry,” it observed.

While the act of rape causes intense emotional distress and immense humiliation to the victim, at the same time one cannot lose sight of the fact that false implication in a rape case causes equal humiliation, disgrace and mental agony to the accused, the court further said.

A trend among women filing false rape cases stands exposed with the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) revealing shocking statistics showing that 53.2% of the rape cases filed between April 2013 and July 2014 in Delhi were found ‘false’. There has been little sigh of relief though with APEX COURT finally realizing mushrooming of fake rape cases by disgruntled women, girlfriends and wives who do not shy and ordering “Prosecute police for false rape case under IPC 195” recently few years back.

In the recent days I have come across many cases, where males were made victims of 376 ipc, to an innocent and even in a consent cases or by a disgruntled greedy woman to teach a lesson to ex-boyfriend or for any other reasons including extortion of money; the provisions of the law are so tough an innocent person can hardly escape, when prosecutrix claims of such offence is not the Indian laws more biased towards female take cases of adultery the male is guilty, even if the female seduces.

Legal experts say that women are increasingly levelling allegations of rape when consensual relationships turn sour. They point out that in most cases it is either the live-in partner or a girlfriend of the accused who are complainants.

Mumbai High court recently observed too “Every Breach of promise to marry cannot amount to rape”

Laws in INDIA are still governed by Victorian-era mindset. Times have changed drastically when women have superseded men in most aspects but sadly laws are still recognizing Centuries old tradition when women were nurtures of home.

Question arises now is why is Legislature and Judiciary still silent on the issue?

Legislature plight can be understood as they are only concerned with votes in name of creating   FAKE Women Empowerment – propaganda spread by high-profile ladies who love to walk around with Lee-Vuitton bags and Jimmy Choo shoes and are neither concerned nor bothered about real women issues. Marriage – an institution revered in India is sadly a tool to wreak vengeance against hapless families by the draconian laws which totally violates Article 14 & 15  of Indian Constitution which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

Most of Judiciary is still living in Victorian era mindset. Times have drastically changed and women are now virtually standing with men on equal footing everywhere. Most of these unscrupulous women who pride themselves as flag-bearers of Indian Feminism have their sole motto to frame innocent men in false cases and do extortion aided by system.

Time has come for Indian Judiciary to show more maturity and prudence to differentiate between rape and a s*xual intercourse with consent. Also; time to think why Men are not protected against Rape Laws. Can’t a woman or women rape a Man? Daily we see few instances which are either subsided by Indian Media. It’s all about EQUALITY and not SUPERIORITY of one gender over other as Indian women have light-years ahead of poor hapless Indian men.


Psychiatrists say that the increasing rape cases are more a case of revenge. “Women filing rape complaints inspite of being in a consensual relationship can only be because of a feeling of anger, rejection or depression, says Karuna Bhaskar, director of, the firm that offers counselling services “The intent is to hurt the other person.” However, there are cases of consensual relationship where one person forces him or herself on the other. The relationship continues although the other person is not really interested in carrying it forward.”

Dr BN Gangadhar of the Department of Psychiatry at NIMHANS says, “It is a normal human tendency to react like this as many would think that this is a weapon to hit back. It is common in cases where it is a unilateral relationship where the bond on one side is stronger and it does not end up in marriage as expected. The situation would not go this extreme if it is a platonic relationship, but if they get physical the consequences gets worse.”
STEPS Needed:

  1. Polygraphic Test shall be made mandatory before registration of Rape FIR.
  2. Medical and DNA tests to be made mandatorily before registration of FIR.
  3. If Rape charges or allegations levelled found false; a strict imprisonment of at least 10 years with a fine of at least 5 lacs INR to be imposed on such women along with other cases like defamation.
  4. Prosecution of Investigative Officer under Section 195 to be done and officer concerned to be prosecuted and services terminated.

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