Weekly On YKA: Tell Us The Shit Landlords Say To You

Posted by Youth Ki Awaaz in Specials
March 21, 2017

“Male guests are not allowed in the flat. I have an office downstairs where you can sit and talk to them for as long as you like.”

“No pets, no non-vegetarian food, no loud music, no smoking, no drinking, no partying.”

“There should be no women in the flat, do whatever else you want to.”

“This building is only for married couples and families.”

If you’re young, single, and looking for a rented place in any big city, these are only some of the ridiculous comments and questions you have had to deal with. From your eating habits, working hours, friends, family, EVERYTHING comes under the scanner. No one will question you more thoroughly than the Indian landlord.

With such regressive mindsets from uncles and aunties, finding a decent place to live in and holding onto it becomes a huge challenge for the working millennial.

If you’ve ever had to deal with landlords from the 1920s, share your stories with us! Tell us the struggle you’ve had to face and how you deal with the interrogation thrown your way. Or, with some stroke of luck, if you’ve come across super-amazing landlords who are smashing the mold with their progressive thinking, share how they’re doing so.

Use #ShitLandlordsSay while sharing your stories. Get started now!