Indian Politics- Youth’s Role And Importance

Posted by Deeksha Verma
March 4, 2017

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Youth and politics can never be complete without each other.

99.99% of today’s youth is indulge in politics in some or the other way. Every other youth we see nowadays is talking about politics. And even should talk about, because its today’s youth who’s going to be leader tomorrow. They are presenting their views and supporting parties, they sense right. But question is, is their choice right? And what’s going to decide the party or the issue they are in favour of or against is right or wrong.

And the simple answer to above question is, no one can teach us which road in politics is right or which is wrong. As it is politics. Everything which happens here, in itself is a mesh. The very moment we hear about politics, along with it we hear about, fraud, loss, gain, caste, low, high, violence. And all these words in noway associated with peace. Which indicates nothing is clean in politics. And as everyone speaks and do’s what seems right to them. No one can guide you in politics for you benefit.

We shouldn’t listen to others, but just follow our morals. Which is not at all happening. Either we are taking all our political decisions, on the basis of religion, caste, seeing high or low, and most probably following to what our family members are related to. And we are following it, to so much extent that we are even not focusing on what is wrong and what is right. As if to keep supporting that party has became so important that, it had killed all our morals. As we all know nothing is clean in politics. So its quite obvious, how can any one party be good from all angles. Its us, today’s youth who have to decide what is good part and what is the bad part, in one party. Which in no way can be done, by hiding the false with the good.

And one thing which is seen a lot now days is, BLAME GAME is going on. Neglecting all the bad deeds happening in all the political parties, or can say in entire politics. Its very often heard, ‘if one member of my party had killed people, then that member of your party had raped a girl so what’s the difference. Now you tell who’s good’. You may be quite familiar with all such blame and escape sentences. And no one else, we, India’s future are saying this. If youth is going to play blame game, who will then chance the scenario of politics in India.

So just for the sake of supporting, don’t support. Support for creating a better version. And support things, which will bring a better tomorrow and that to for everyone, not just few moments of happiness that to for a bunch. Because, every decision we are supporting or discarding in politics, is going to decide our future, OUR INDIA’S future. And as youth are those fresh pieces, who can create and give a beautiful future, but only if they want. And so its high time for them, to take politics seriously and utilize their power in right direction.


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