Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated

Posted by Aisha Mehra
March 23, 2017

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There is something not right.

Yes, right there with you, besides you, with the people you know, the roads, the public, the politicians, the world…there is something wrong…with everything!

And we’re supposed to stay away from the things we find wrong. Aren’t we?

Then how do we decide? How do we decide what is wrong or who is wrong?

Is the girl with the short skirt wrong if you’re the lecherous eye?

Is the car who overtook you wrong if you are an egoistic brat?

Is the “butcher” who eats meat in your neighbor wrong if you’re vegetarian hindu-pandit?

Is the scheduled caste benefiting from reservation wrong if you are an envious judgmental high-class person?

Well, no. No one is wrong among any! It’s something…something that is wrong with you if you hate people for these many reasons…if you judge them…neglect them…or harm them for these many things…then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Well, yeah here though I’m pointing to inequality my main concern is with how intolerant we are to the things we shouldn’t care about and how negligent we’re to the things which we should swear not to bear for even a moment.

Am I saying something wrong?

Yes? If yes…then why do those rapists get married even after the crime they commit? How do those religious communities keep on banning things that seriously have only some real good impacts? How do these politicians keep on fooling us? How such big businessmen survive after conning the nation? How some hospitals keep on making careless mistakes again and again?

In actual, we must be concerned about these things…we must be intolerant about these topics…but what are we doing instead? Fighting with the opponent community? Disapproving minor things like love marriage? Breaking someone’s head for overtaking your Mercedes Benz?

What’s wrong with us?

Now I’d like to come to individual opinion. What happens when a celebrity, politician, big businessman or another famous personality represents his or her views over something like religion, some deity or some strong figure people are strongly for or against about?

Raju Hirani and many others are examples. They’ve been seriously criticized by the nation for some of their individual views they made the mistake to represent publicly.

Oh really…? Was that really a “mistake”? Oh well, it could be if we were living under a strict dictatorship or absolute monarchy. But we aren’t. Are we? It’s clear, pour, constitutional democracy where…among the seven major FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS is the RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION.

Then who would tell me why people burst out on the roads with placards and stones just the moment someone comments about their perspective on something. Well, this is when a celebrity goes against the societal norms. But what when a normal person would do that? Well you’d just chide him, debate, prove him wrong or ignore if you’re sensible enough or try to understand if you really have some heart to accept others’ opinions. According to me, the last thing seems the most preferable among all.

An example is the recent incident of Gurmeher Kaur. What did that girl do to get threats of rape and murder? What was her mistake? She just criticized war other than Pakistan. How can her point be related to Treason? How can you call it treason? Can’t the people just mind their own business rather than tormenting a girl to the point she leaves the country for a misleading statement? Is that all you people look for? Excuses to revolt…to torment and harass? While there are so many reasonable reasons around you to do so which you deliberately choose to ignore.

We should try accepting differences. That’s how the world progresses. Now aren’t we hypocritical to say “change is the rule of life” and then revolting against anyone who wishes to challenge the existing norms?

Similar revolution was being fought in our society by people who believed love marriage is not a crime. And see, today we’re liberal about it and once upon a time it was taboo.

And even today is going a revolution by the homosexual, lesbian or gay people who believe its their right to marry the same-sex if they’re made that way. And see how resistant we’re to them. But many countries are legalizing it. And I think even our country should. It can be a sin in some religions or societies, but its a fact now. We must be tolerant enough to accept these people as they are. How can we punish someone for who they are?

The world is not black and white! Nothing can be completely wrong or completely right.

In one society, a girl is preferred meek and shy, in another…the same girl would be criticized for being that way.

In one society, marijuana would be illegal, in another…it’s openly sold on grocery stores.

In one society, it’s mandatory to eat beef…in another, the same is objectified as a crime.

Then how can we decide what is wrong or right while the same thing is acceptable in many places and utterly restricted in others.

It all directs towards one thing – Nothing is completely wrong or right till it seriously doesn’t have drastic effects like hurting someone.

If you like pink and I don’t, does that make pink a wrong or right color? It’s just like that!

Change you view, be accepting, be tolerant…and criticize the things which really deserve it. I believe that the people of this nation are a mass of power which can change anything and everything. All they need is a little motivation about the right, a little judgment to understand what they are actually doing. If they won’t use their own mind, a bunch of “wrong” people would use them like puppets to get their own ways…which is not “right” at all.

I’m done! Thanks.

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