Is India heading towards Intolerance?

Posted by Anindya J Ganguly
March 15, 2017

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Well, in a nation as big as a continent such as India, it is highly likely such incidents might occur or pertain in parts and places of the country. But with the growing sense of “Being superior” to another community or system, are we heading towards local breakdown of the system?

The trouble is I can’t truly oppose the intolerance, because at times the intolerance is justified, such as cases where separatist’s and their views are opposed by different individuals of our nation. But again, when I hear cases of doctors, lawyers being beaten up or yet-to-be-proven-corrupt officials holding government positions are humiliated in different parts of the country, I have to raise my concern about the law and order situation of our country.

No nation is perfect, similarly in an imperfect nation, if your are expecting all govt. hospitals to function smoothly, all session court to deliver verdict with acute correctness then you are highly overestimating the scenario. But as the forth coming generation of a comparatively nascent nation with natantly is trying to gain a position in the global scenario, it would be expected from us, to be more rational and logical before taking any step or decision, because with every foolish action we commit to, as a country we are switching ourselves back towards the medieval bigotry, that the country has barely escaped with the “alms of poverty” which still brooding sustains in many facets of the society.

If we are to be intolerant, why not be

-towards the cleanliness of our own neighborhood?
-Towards the misbehavior of attitude towards the other gender, say it female/male/transgender?
-towards the hypocrisy of the system by pledging a position in the system and not making ourselves corrupt?
– and many more such instances, you guys are smarter than me so kindly add up.

I am not preaching or being a sage here, I do not do that. I have tried my share of contribution for a better system. At times, I have succeeded, at instances I have failed. And I believe we as an individual, at least needs to try to bring a change pertaining to our local environment. If locally a system changes, it would add up to a more massive global output.

So, be intolerant, but to a legitimate cause, and not by violence but by Gandhigiri such as Jaddu ki jhappi (cosy hugging) perhaps?

Vande Mataram (meaning I bow to thee, Mother).

Thank You . 🙂

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